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Table of Contents 1959-1969

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1Volume 1, Issue 1

Frost and Emerson: Voice and Vision,
Non-Fiction by Alvan S. Ryan

Somewhat Dietary, Poetry by Robert Frost

The God's House, Fiction by Joanna Ostrow

15 years later, Poetry by William Carlos Williams

The Madman in His Cell: Joyce, Beckett, Nabokov and
the Stereotypes, Non-Fiction by Allan Brick

D.H. Lawrence on Thinghood and Selfhood,
Non-Fiction by G. Armour Craig

Free Will and Fire-Truck, Poetry by John Holmes

Two Kingdoms of Force, Non-Fiction by Leo Marx

Four Drawings and an Essay on Kollwitz,
Non-Fiction by Leonard Baskin

U.S. Military Policy and the Lesser Objectives,
Non-Fiction by Edward L. Katzenbach, Jr.

New Poets of New England: The Foolish Cat
That Died On Halloween, Poetry by Leon O. Barron

New Poets of New England: The Pioneer's
First Premise, Poetry by Leon O. Barron

New Poets of New England: An Autumn Lecture,
Poetry by Leon O. Barron

New Poets of New England: Jacob, Poetry by Arnold Kenseth

New Poets of New England: Miss Cysack's Familiars,
Poetry by Maxine W. Kumin

New Poets of New England: The Edge,
Poetry by Maxine W. Kumin

New Poets of New England: Report On A Gunnery
Exercise, Poetry by G. Stanley Koehler

New Poets of New England: Over The Side,
Poetry by G. Stanley Koehler

New Poets of New England: Footprints For Fresh
Earth, Poetry by G. Stanley Koehler

New Poets of New England: Noah's Cats, Poetry by Patricia Coombs

New Poets of New England: The Birch House,
Poetry by Jon Roush

New Poets of New England: The Mass In The Grove,
Poetry by Cornelia Veenendaal

New Poets of New England: The Visitors,
Poetry by Cornelia Veenendaal

New Poets of New England: Winter, Poetry
by Cornelia Veenendaal

New Poets of New England: Identification, Poetry by Jean Pedrick

Louisiana Secedes: Collapse of a Compromise,
Non-Fiction by William C. Havard and Robert J. Steamer

Unknown Soldiers, Poetry by Louis O. Coxe

The Possibilites, Fiction by Robert G. Tucker

Poem, Poetry by E.E. Cummings

The Lion in the Cage: the Quixote of Reality,
Non-Fiction by Sidney Monas

Purgatorio, Canto VI: a new translation,
Drama by John Ciardi, Translated by John Ciardi

The Future of America's Ideals: Three French Views,
Non-Fiction by Paul A. Gagnon

Cover Drawing, Cover Art by Donald R. Matheson

Somewhat Dietary, Inside Front Cover, Poetry by Robert Frost


Camus, Art by Leonard Baskin

Homage to Camus, Non-Fiction by Henri Peyre

Homage to Camus, Non-Fiction by Stanley Hoffman

Homage to Camus, Non-Fiction by Richard Sevrens

Homage to Camus, Non-Fiction by Germaine Brée

The Gnostics Speak Again: the Gospel of Truth,
Non-Fiction by Virginia Corwin

Snowdrop; Fourth of July, Poetry by Ted Hughes

A Church at Noon, Poetry by Joyce Horner

The Autonomy of Despair: an Essay on Kafka,
Non-Fiction by Peter Heller

Poems from the Holy Merriment,
Non-Fiction by Arnold Kenseth

Herself and Molly Olliver, Fiction by Arnold Rabin

Paradise Pond, Smith College; Dolphin's Barn,
Dublin, Poetry by David Ridgley Clark

Philosophical Doubts, Non-Fiction by Alice Ambrose

And What Has Carried Us; Dear God, the Day is Grey,
Poetry by Anne Halley

A Stroll on Buzzards Bay, Non-Fiction by Ralph A. Lewin

Loss (To V.R. Lang), Poetry by Richard Eberhart

Lullaby for Mothers; Parable, with Feathers,
Poetry by Eve Merriam

Tonight, a Miracle of Air; Sing the Loving,
Poetry by Raymond Roseliep

Eight Drawings, and Random Notes, Art by Rico Lebrun

Poems from Haruspicating on Valley-View Farm,
Non-Fiction by Joseph Langland

Latin America: Democracy without Reform,
Non-Fiction by Ramón Eduardo Ruiz

Paisáje, Poetry by Paul Blackburn

John Donne: the Meditative Voice, Non-Fiction by Louis L. Martz

Moving In, Poetry by May Sarton

The Peacocks, Poetry by Lawrence P. Spingarn

In an Orchard, Poetry by Raymond A. Kennedy

Epithalamion for an Elderly Poet, Poetry by Morgan Blum

Pope's Images of Man, Non-Fiction by Frederick S. Troy

All Birds, Ships and Poetry, Poetry by Herbert A. Kenny

Wonderstrand Revisited: Passages from a Cape Cod
Suite, Non-Fiction by Charles Philbrick

Reflections on U.S.A. as Novel and Play,
Non-Fiction by Jules Chametzky

The National Hymn Contest and "Orpheus C. Kerr",
Non-Fiction by Cecil D. Eby, Jr.

Clown, Cover Art by Rico Lebrun

The Massachusetts Review Logo, Non-Fiction by Eliot Offner

Homage to Camus: Illustration, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


Three Sisters, Fiction by Ben Field

The Crane, Poetry by Firman Houghton

A Negro Student at Harvard at the End of the
19th Century, Non-Fiction by W.E.B. Du Bois

Storm in Glouceser, Poetry by Sonya Dorman

The Provinces, Poetry by Kenneth O. Hanson

The Last Hurrahs: George Apley and Frank
Skeffington, Non-Fiction by George Goodwin, Jr.

The Rattle Bag, Poetry by Hywel ap Owain Gwynedd,
Translated from the Welsh by Jon Roush

Ode, Poetry by Hywel ap Owain Gwynedd,
Translated from the Welsh by Jon Roush

Big Business, Poetry by Leon O. Barron

Diminished Nature, Non-Fiction by William H. Pritchard

Ernst Barlach: The Flood, Acts II&V, Drama by Ernst Barlach,
Translated from the German by Anne Halley and Alex Page

Ernst Barlach: Eight Sculptures, Art by Ernst Barlach

Ernst Barlach: A Letter from Barlach On Kandinsky,
Non-Fiction by Ernst Barlach, To Reinhard Piper

Ernst Barlach: Notes on the Barlach Exhibition,
Non-Fiction by Bertolt Brecht, Translated from the
German by Daniel C. O'Neil

Mechanized Doom: Ernest Hemingway and the
Spanish Civil War, Non-Fiction by Allen Guttmann

The Way a Ghost Behaves; A Chapel Further West
Than Most; Northwest Retrospective: Mark Tobey;
Holy Family; The Way a Ghost Dissolves, Poetry by Richard F. Hugo

The Dumb-waiter, Fiction by Joanna Ostrow

Refugees; Bridal Song, Poetry by Louis Ginsberg

Truth About Pictures, Poetry by John Holmes

Prologue, Fiction by James O. Long

The Shot, Poetry by Manuel José Othón

Sonnet, Poetry by Anonymous

In Review: John Wain and John Barth: The Angry and
the Accurate, Non-Fiction by George Bluestone

Martin Esslin On Bertolt Brecht: A Questionable Portrait,
Non-Fiction by John Willett

To the Editor: On Ruiz's "Latin America: democract
without Reform", Non-Fiction by Massimo Salvadori,
Rejoinder by Ramon Eduardo Ruiz

Portrait of Bertolt Becht, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


What Was Modernism? Non-Fiction by Harry Levin

The Boy with the Limp, Poetry by Larry Rubin

Behind the Hill; The Coyote, Poetry
by Carter Revard

Dorian Woman, Fiction by Gary Elder

Scape-Grace; Night Creatures; Ghost Stories,
Poetry by Dilys Laing

Shakespeare in His Sonnets, Non-Fiction by C.L. Barber

Priest's Diary: Two Entries, Poetry by Raymond Roseliep

Gaston Lachaise, 1882-1953, Non-Fiction by Donald B. Goodall

Eight Sculptures; A Comment on my Sculpture,
Non-Fiction by Gaston Lachaise

Time and Place, Poetry by Samuel French Morse

Prince of Decorum, Poetry by Sam Bradley

A Plaint of Flowers, Poetry by Ernest Sandeen

Crisis in Higher Education: Economy or Quality?
Non-Fiction by Ellsworth Barnard

An Exercise in Observation, Poetry by Walker Gibson

Epiphany; At Chartres, Poetry by May Sarton

Lobster Pound, Poetry by Jean Pedrick

An Autumnal; To a Classical Fragment,
Poetry by David Leviten

The Hidden Structure of Philosophical Theories,
Non-Fiction by Morris Lazerowitz

Rarity, Poetry by Ralph Robin

Soliloquy, Poetry by Louis O. Coxe

For Winslow Homer, Poetry by Edward Locke

The Problem of "Mariana Pineda", Non-Fiction
by Summer M. Greenfield

Northeast Country Summer, Poetry by Nyleen Morrison

In Review: Constants Carried Forward: Naturalness
in Robert Francis' Poems, Non-Fiction by John Holmes

In Review: Working Away at Lawrence,
Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

In Review: A Stranger and Afraid, Non-Fiction by Paul Lauter

In Review: The New Burke Correspondance,
Non-Fiction by John C. Weston, Jr.

In Review: On Reading: "The Poem Itself",
Non-Fiction by Leon O. Barron

Marianne Moore, Cover Art by Gaston Lachaise



Liberals and Masses: the Challenge of
Communication, Non-Fiction by Glenn Tinder

To the Waiters for Miracles, Poetry by John Woods

Between Wars: Poems from a Series,
Poetry by Anne Halley

The Pole, Fiction by Gordon Browne

The Cricket, Poetry by Frederick Goddard

Tuckerman, Introduction by Mordecai Marcus

Advice to a Father Feeling His Capital Gains, Poetry by Stephen Sandy

Shakespeare's American Fable, Non-Fiction by Leo Marx

Hallowe'en, Poetry by Richard Gillman

Radolphe Bresdin: Bresdin L'Etrange, Non-Fiction by
Claude Roger-Marx, Translated from the French by
Katherine Allen Clarke

Seven Lithographs, Art by Radolphe Bresdin

Radolphe Bresdin: Odilon Redon on his Master Bresdin,
Non-Fiction by Odilon Redon, Translated from the French
by Alexander and Anne Hull

Radolphe Bresdin: Bresdin in America, Non-Fiction by
Marius-Ary Leblond, Translated from the French by Willard R. Trask

Radolphe Bresdin:Paul Bresdin on his Father,
Non-Fiction by Bresdin Paul, Translated from the
French by Robert B. Johnson

Flautist, Poetry by Deborah Austin

Lullaby and Aubade on a Hot Night; Ballard: Nausicaa,
Poetry by Robert Bagg

Festivals of Autumn; Beach, Poetry by B. Colt

To an Artist Who Lost his Life's Work in a Fire; Moths;
Temple of the Muses, Poetry by Beth Bentley

Dewey's Conception of Philosophy, Non-Fiction by Kai Nielson

Mammorial Stunzas for Aimee Simple McFarcen,
Poetry by Earle Birney

Aspects of the Moon's Nature; An Almost Breathless
Early Spring; Sonnet; A Midwinter Night's Dream: Limbo,
Poetry by Tracy Thompson

A Visit to Red Lake, Non-Fiction by Phyllis L. Liebling,
with photgraphs by Jerome Liebling

Morgan Street, Poetry by Jerome L. Mazzaro

Wrung Dry, Poetry by Lloyd Zimpel

The Dance: Artistic Honesty, Non-Fiction by Jan Veen

In Review: The Genius of Michelangelo,
Non-Fiction by Dario A. Covi

In Review: Tragic Vision in the Modern Novel,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

In Review: Hemingway's Dangerous Summer,
Non-Fiction by Kenneth Lynn

In Review: An Invaluable Survey of Western Music,
Non-Fiction by Louise Rood

In Review: Slavery and Personality: A Fresh Look,
Non-Fiction by John Hope Franklin

To the Editor: "On John Willett's 'Martin Esslin on Bertolt Brecht:
a Questionable Portrait'", Non-Fiction by Willett John

Portrait in Rosewood of Rodolphe Bresdin,
Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


International Prospects under the New President,
Non-Fiction by Walt W. Rostrow

Satan; Even Umpires Wager with Pascal; Spring Day
for Fishing, Poetry by Paul Ramsey

Postcard from Home; The Polish Women;
Midsummer Morning, Poetry by Jack Anderson

A Bellini in the Family, Poetry by Margaret Mathison

Blackbird, Poetry by Paul Petrie

Dusk on Scollay Square, Poetry by Morgan Gibson

Whichever way you look at it; Not a philosophic "problem"
but a procreative pleasure, Poetry by John Tagliabue

The Achievement of Edwin Muir,
Non-Fiction by Joseph H. Summers

Cold, Poetry by Kate Brackett

The Funeral; Apportioning a Day of Leisure: Time Chart,
Poetry by Vern Rutsala

Island, Drama by Oscar Mandel

Obliquity on Death, Poetry by Bink Noll

Lilac: Outdoors In, Poetry by Charles Philbrick

The Zeiss House, Fiction by Harold T. McCarthy

A Way of Looking; Turning Tide; Imagine Beast-Wings;
Prayer; The One Word, Poetry by Robert G. Tucker

Personality and Moral Leadership: Operations of the
Political Mind, Non-Fiction by Sanchia Thayer

Ballad, Poetry by Jayne Berland

The Eagle Must Have an Educated Eye, Poetry by Laurence Stapleton

Five Poems, Poetry by Wilfred Owen, with drawing by Ben Shahn

The Unknown Picasso, Non-Fiction by Alfred Werner

The Sunday Morning Visitor: Reflections on the
Crisis in Saigon, Non-Fiction by Luther Allen

In Review: Kissinger and Cousins: No Guarantees Exist,
Non-Fiction by Paul Lauter

In Review: The Problem of Pictorial Language,
Non-Fiction by Vincent Thomas

In Review: Stereotypes and Jews: Faign and the Magician
of Lublin, Non-Fiction by Jules Chametzky

In Review: Old Songs in the New World,
Non-Fiction by Margaret Irwin

In Review: American Communism–Ruthenberg to
Browder, Non-Fiction by Howard Quint

Drawing of Abraham Lincoln, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


The Duality of Bygone Jazz,
Non-Fiction by Max Margulis

The Never-Last Outpost; Star in the Shed
Window; The Winter Lamp, Poetry by James Haford

The Devil's Kitchen; The Exile; Bosun's Song,
Poetry by Malcolm Lowry

a painting by a third grader, Poetry by Marilyn Krysl

You're It, Fiction by Meyer Liben

How Bongo-Bongo Got the Bomb: An African Tale,
Poetry by Walker Gibson

A Mandala of Sorts; Okies, Poetry by Carter Revard

St. Marks Preserve, Poetry by Ray Williams

Dreiser and Plotting of Inarticulate Experience,
Non-Fiction by Julian Markels

A Window on the Night, Poetry by David Clark

Seven Noon Photographs, Poetry by Robert Wallace

Woman Begging in a Mexican Depot,
Poetry by Margaret Nordfors

The Character of American Political Thought,
Non-Fiction by Bernard Crick

Chinese Sound, for Chao Tze-Chiang, Poetry by Daniel J. Langton

The Healer; Still Life, Poetry by Hollis Summers

Clearance, 18th Century, Poetry by Norma Lay

Keats and the Heart's Hornbrook, Non-Fiction by B.L. Reid

Expressway, Poetry by George W. Nitchie

Flight to Detroit, Poetry by Chad Walsh

The Doll's Speech, Poetry by Joan Sibley

Summer School, Poetry by A.L. Horsman

The Outward Bound, Fiction by E.J. Neely

Orpheus Again and Again, Poetry by Leonard E. Nathan

Gerhard Marcks and the Third Reich, Non-Fiction
by Adolph Rieth, Rita Hausammann, Ronald Hauser,
Peter Heller and Henry A. Lea

Sculpture and Reflections, Non-Fiction by Gerhard Marcks

Animal Pleasures, Non-Fiction by H.M. Acton

Joyce's Irish Politics: the Seventh Chapter of "Ulysses",
Non-Fiction by Stanley Sultan

Emily Dickinson's Scriptual Echoes, Non-Fiction by
Mother Mary Anthony

In Review: The Logic of Ethical Thinking,
Non-Fiction by David S. Scarrow

In Review: Robert Burns Revisited, Non-Fiction
by John C. Weston, Jr.

In Review: S.N. Behrman's Portrait of Max,
Non-Fiction by Thomas W. Copeland

In Review: The People and the Court, Non-Fiction by John P. Roche

In Review: Herman Kahn on Thermonuclear War:
What Price Survival?, Non-Fiction by Christopher Lasch

Self-Portrait, Cover Art by Gerhard Marcks


An American is Now a King, Fiction by
Charles Tekeyan

The Hartford Circus Fire, Poetry by
Edmund Skellings

In Search of the Indian Novel,
Non-Fiction by Herbert McArthur

Toad; My Country Wife, Poetry by Lewis Turco

Mosaics: the Morning Peple; Men Standing Around,
Poetry by Nancy Sullivan

Kabuki Recollected, Non-Fiction by John Tagliabue

Poem, Poetry by William Carlos Williams

Shakespearean Tragedy: Critique of Humanism from
the Inside, Non-Fiction by Laurence Michel

Snowy Morning, Poetry by Claire McAllister

The Snow Prince; Truth is a Zoo; A Clown,
Poetry by Harold Witt

The Autumn of Ideas, Non-Fiction by Renato Poggioli

The Anniversary; Climbing the Final Slope,
Poetry by Lucien Stryk

To the Moulted Snake, Poetry by Doris Holmes

William Rimmer: His Life and Art,
Non-Fiction by Lincoln Kirsten

Sixteen Reproductions, Art by William Rimmer

A Year of French Politics and Theatre,
Non-Fiction by Henry Popkin

Actopans, Poetry by Earle Birney

A Decade of Convictions: the Appeal of Communism
in the 1930's, Non-Fiction by Daniel Aaron

This Scene, Poetry by Harold Fleming

The Pulitzer Prize Treatment of Charles Sumner,
Non-Fiction by Louis Ruchames

Toward a Model Movie Censorship Law,
Non-Fiction by Loren P. Beth

Passage with Ancestors; Kid Sister, Poetry by S. Dorman

European Socialism at the Crossroads,
Non-Fiction by Gerard Braunthal

In Review: The Non-Theater of Bertolt Brecht,
Non-Fiction by Denis Johnston

In Review: The Enduring Anti-Heroic,
Non-Fiction by Edwin Burr Pettet

In Review: A Rigorous Semantic Theory,
Non-Fiction by J.W. Swanson

Poet, Emperor, Warrior, Cover Art by William Rimmer


The Fish Concert, Fiction by Halldor Kiljan Laxness

Stellaria, Poetry by Robert Francis

Genesis; After the First Refusal; Challenge
and Response; Fulfillment; The Butterfly;
The Aggressor; The Fallacy
Revisited, Poetry by Gray Burr

Miss Dickinson, Poetry by Constance Hunting

Semi-Classical Poetry and the Great Tradition,
Non-Fiction by Chard Powers Smith

It Looks as If It Were Just Sleeping; Advancement; A Reading
of History; Wind-Water, Poetry by Leonard E. Nathan

Daphne; Firethorn, Poetry by Joan Swift

The Lost, Fiction by Miriam Goldman

The Running Peddler, Poetry by Charles Farber

Consoling Meditations on the Great Majority (II):
Fathers, Poetry by Don Geiger

Calderon's Strange Mercy Play, Non-Fiction by Edwin Honig

Contremarche; Promenade, Poetry by Robert B Johnson

Mad Gardner to the Sea...; The Glass Castle, Poetry by Phyllis Webb

Nugatory Notes, Fiction by Hugh Stretton

Post Mortem; E=MC2, Poetry by Dolores Stewer

The Etchings of Jacques Callot, Non-Fiction by A. Hyatt
Mayor, with thirteen reproductions, portrait of Callot,
and wood engraving by Leonard Baskin

The Civil War as Symbol and as Actuality,
Non-Fiction by Oscar Handlin

The Minister, Poetry by Kenneth Pitchford

Early Longfellow, Non-Fiction by Newton Arvin

The Principle Is Growth, Poetry by James Hayford

Refugee, Poetry by Fred Stern

Reports from Abroad: Theatre in France: Summer
Impressions, Non-Fiction by Henry Popkin

Reports from Abroad: Crisis in Saigon: the Sunday
Morning Visitor Returns, Non-Fiction by Luther Allen

Homily for Robert, Poetry by Raymond Roseliep

One More Version of an Old Vision, Poetry by John Haag

Choices, Poetry by George Keithley

If I Could Hold You For Light, Poetry by Welton Smith

In Review: The Good Life in Recent Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Anne Halley

In Review: The Wound in the Heart: Two Volumes
on the Spanish Civil War, Non-Fiction by Allen Guttmann

In Review: Real and Surreal: the Debt to Nathaniel
West, Non-Fiction by Marc Ratner

In Review: Hawthorne by Daylight,
Non-Fiction by Raymond D. Gozzi

In Review: The Voices of Matthew Arnold,
Non-Fiction by Douglas Bush

The Post-Office, Poetry by Joanne Childers

Pantaloon, Cover Art by Jacques Callot


. . and so, my mother, Non-Fiction by Edward Dahlberg

Escapist-Never, Poetry by Robert Frost

Pudd'nhead Wilson and After,
Non-Fiction by Henry Nash Smith

Autumn Day, Poetry by Rolph Humphries,
Translated from the German by Rainer Maria Rilke

Out for a Night; Chrysalis, Poetry by David Wagoner

The Saddness of Philip Roth: an Interim Report,
Non-Fiction by Joseph C. Landis

Das Schloss; Festspielhaus, Poetry by Lincoln Kirstein

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: The High Bridge
above the Tagus River at Toledo; The Birth; Three Nahuatl
Poems; A Formal Design, Poetry by William Carlos Williams

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: Four Unpublished
Letters, Non-Fiction by William Carlos Williams

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: A Visit to WCW:
September, 1958, Non-Fiction by Gael Turnbull

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: I See,
Poetry by David Leviten

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: An Old Note
on WCW, Non-Fiction by Louis Zukofsky

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: A Complaint of
Mutability, Poetry by Carlos Baker

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: William Carlos
Williams: Idiom and Structure, Non-Fiction by Mary Ellen Solt

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: Photograph,
Art by Charles Shelter

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: Photographs,
Art by Gosta Peterson

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: Photograph,
Art by Selden Rodman

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: The End of
the Rope, Poetry by William Carlos Williams

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: The Farmers'
Daughters: A True Story About People, Non-Fiction by Cid Corman

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: "Reitschule":
a Chapter from WCW's A Voyage to Pagany (1928),
Fiction by William Carlos Williams

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: In Search of
the Theatre, Non-Fiction by Clinton J. Atkinson

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams:
"Let's to Music, Hubert!": An Impertinent Piece,
Non-Fiction by Raymond A. Kennedy

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams: An Occasion
for Tremendous Music, Non-Fiction by H. E. F. Donohue

Song for Ishtar, Poetry by Denise Levertov

This is the clearing I once spoke of, Poetry by LeRoi Jones

The Undertaking in New Jersey, Poetry by George Oppen

Polanyi's Theory of Personal Knowledge: a Gestalt Philosophy,
Non-Fiction by William T. Scott

Jose Guadalupe Posada: 21 reproductions; A Magisterial
Utilization of Clean Bones, Non-Fiction by Diego Rivera

Jose Guadalupe Posade: The Stimulus of Posada,
Non-Fiction by Jose Clemente Orozco,
Translated by Sidney F. Wexler

Jose Guadalupe Posada: Printmaker to the Mexican
People, Non-Fiction by Jean Charlot

Jose Guadalupe Posada: Posada's Life and Times,
Non-Fiction by Fernando Gamboa

After a Shocking Execution, Poetry by John Hollander

Four Poets of Spain, Non-Fiction by Jose Yglesias

Film and Dance: Three Books on Film,
Non-Fiction by John Houseman

Film and Dance: On the Dance: Conversation with
Edward Villella, Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

In Review: Intellectuals as Heroes in the French Novel,
Non-Fiction by George Kateb

In Review: The Unargued Case of Existentialism,
Non-Fiction by Harry S. Kariel

In Review: Barbarians in Greek Tragedy,
Non-Fiction by Viktor Poschl

In Review: The Complex Sanity of "Ulysses",
Non-Fiction by William H. Pritchard

Mythological Figures; Dialogue, Poetry by William Dickey

A Gathering for William Carlos Williams : Paris and
Paterson, Non-Fiction by John C. Thirlwall

Out of Their Butchered Hands, Poetry by Gilbert Sorrentino

William Carlos Williams, Cover Art by Ben Shahn


The Poet & The City, Non-Fiction by W.H. Auden

Thoreau in Italy; Sniper; Cinna; Eddith Sitwell
Assumes the Role of Luna or If You Know What
I mean Said the Moon; The Packing Case; Dolphin;
Observation; Coin Diver, Poetry by Robert Francis

The Fur Coat, Fiction by Miriam Goldman

Written after Hearing Ellington in Concert, July 1961,
Poetry by John MacKay

Call of the Call-Girls (for N.M.), Poetry by Donald Finkel

Theses for the Atomic Age, Non-Fiction by Gunther Anders

Castrato to Audience, Poetry by D.J. Hughes

In Ciudad, Poetry by Emilie Glen

A Forgotten Pool, Kona, Hawaii; Hurricane, Hilo,
Poetry by Edith Shiffert

Elegy at a Railroad Station, Poetry by Thomas Whitbread

Five Literary Portraits, Non-Fiction by Mary Ellen Chase

The Saying, Poetry by Cid Corman

On a Warm Winter Day, on a Residential Street,
Poetry by Edsel Ford

A Letter, Poetry by Leonard Unger

The British Public Psyche: an Analytical Sketch,
Non-Fiction by R.J. Kaufmann

Mexican Independence Day, Fairmont City, Illinois,
Poetry by John Knoepfle

Sow, Poetry by Lynn Lonidier

Lady in a Garden, Poetry by Richard Gillman

The Resurrection of the Dead, Poetry by Samuel Hazo

The Drawings of Hyman Bloom: 8 drawings, Art by Hyman
Bloom, with a note by Hyman Swetzoff

Edmund Wilson's War, Non-Fiction by Daniel Aaron

One Summer in Paris, Non-Fiction by Ralph A. Lewin, a memior

Trollope and the Modern Reader,
Non-Fiction by Clara Claiborne Park

In Review: From between the Floorboards: the Voice of
Abram Tertz, Non-Fiction by Sidney Monas

In Review: Empson's Novel, Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

In Review: On the Concept of Law,
Non-Fiction by George Pitcher

In Review: Democracy and Power in an American City,
Non-Fiction by Earl latham

In Review: A History of The Relations between Russia
and the West, Non-Fiction by Joseph Rothschild

In Review: A New Vitalism, Non-Fiction by Paul de Man

To the Editor:"On Guttman's 'The Wound in the Heart:
Two Volumes on the Spanish Civil War'", Non-Fiction by
John M. Muste , rejoinder by Aleen Guttman

Hyman Bloom, bas-relief, detail, Cover Art by Harold Tovish


The Riddle of Beethoven's "Eroica",
Non-Fiction by David Holden

My Father's Silence, Poetry by John Holmes

Piano Music, Poetry by Jack Anderson

Noah's Wife, Poetry by Jayne Berland

A Lovely Day, Fiction by Clara Winston

Night Song; The Victim; Tristram; Song of the Mad
Bomber of Hiroshima; Notes for Charles Burchfield:
Painter, Poetry by Neil Myers

Celebration, Poetry by Paul Ramsey

Prey, Fiction by Miriam Goldman

The Seal Cannot Be Read, Poetry by Eve Triem

House on the Point, Poetry by Paul Petrie

Playing under the Apple Tree; This River that is East of
Eden, Poetry by S.C. Leland

Faulkner's Vision of Good and Evil,
Non-Fiction by Cleanth Brooks

The Indian Cranes; A Child's Version of Spring,
Poetry by Philip Murray

Dive, Poetry by Milton Speiser

A Ride In, Fiction by Frieda Arkin

The Children, Poetry by Robert Burlingame

The Testament of Daedalus, three excerpts from a
poem and eight reproductions of sculpture and drawings,
Art by Michael Ayrton

The "Mystery" of Henry James's "The Sacred Fount",
Non-Fiction by Sidney Finkelstein

Symposium: Fiction Today, Non-Fiction by John Hawkes

Symposium: Fiction Today: Character in Contemporary
Fiction, Non-Fiction by D.J. Hughes

Symposium: Fiction Today: The Existenial Novel,
Non-Fiction by Ihab Hassan

In Memory of Daniel Halevy: 1872-1962,
Non-Fiction by Mina Curtiss

In Review: Spiritual Arrogance and Impassioned
Humility, Non-Fiction by Thomas Whitaker

In Review: That Which Is Called Décor,
Non-Fiction by Harold Clurman

In Review: A Beautiful Autopsy,
Non-Fiction by Alan MacGee

In Review: James's Case: the New York Edition,
Non-Fiction by Priscilla Gibson

Beethoven: Death Mask, Cover Art by Josef Danhauser


Colonel Higashi, Fiction by Kenneth Lamott

The Moods of a Matchmaker, Poetry by
Leonard E. Nathan

Cousin Karl, Fiction by Robert Perlongo

A Visit, Poetry by Anne Halley

Second Sight, Poetry by John Haag

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Portrait, Art by Leonard E. Basking

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
A Legacy of Creative Protest,
Non-Fiction by Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Think of This, Yankees!, Non-Fiction by Reginald L. Cook

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Man's Duty as Man, Non-Fiction by Martin Bubber

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Thoreau and American Non-Violent Resistance,
Non-Fiction by William Stuart Nelson

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
The Thoreau Romance, Non-Fiction by Louise Osgood Koopman

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
The Half-Hidden Thoreau, Non-Fiction by Carl Bode,
with five reproductions

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
The Concord Academic Debating Society,
Non-Fiction by Dorothy Nyren

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Civil Disobedience: Principle and Politics, Non-Fiction by Leo Stoller

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Letter from Jawaharlal Nehru, Non-Fiction by Jawaharlal Nehru

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Thoreau In South Africa, Non-Fiction by Trevor N.W. Bush,
a Letter from the Rev. Trevor N.W. Bush

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
The One and Only, Poetry by Gray Burr

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Corn Grows in the Night, Non-Fiction by Theodore Baird

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Conscience and Disobedience,
Non-Fiction by Willard Uphaus

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Henry David Thoreau, detail from bronze model
courtesy of the Estate of Jo Davidson,
Art by Jo Davidson, photo by Gottscho-Schleisner

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Henry David Thoreau, bronze bust,
Art by Malvina Hoffman

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Thoreau's Propheitc Testimony,
Non-Fiction by Paul Lauter, with two reproductions

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Thoreau and the Danish Resistance,
Non-Fiction by An Anonymous Memoir

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Thoreau's Politics of the Upright Man,
Non-Fiction by Richard Drinnon

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Fanny Eckstrom's Bias, Non-Fiction by Mary P. Sherwood

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Walden Revisited, Poetry by Thomas P. McDonnell

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Five Ways of Looking at Walden, Non-Fiction by Walter Harding

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Henry Thoreau Once More, Non-Fiction by Stanley Edgar Hyman

A Centenary Gathering for Henry David Thoreau:
Afterword, Non-Fiction by John H. Hicks

When the Core's Sound, Poetry by Robert Bloom

The Cool Night, Non-Fiction by Vernon Gotwals

After the New Criticism, Non-Fiction by Murray Krieger

Light in Winter; Ritual, Poetry by Carl Gary

The Tower; The Faces, Poetry by Ann Stanford

Forest Fire; Apostate, Poetry by Scott Greer

In Review: Robert Frost at Eighty-Eight,
Non-Fiction by W.G. O'Donnell

In Review: Classic European Plays,
Non-Fiction by Raymond Williams

In Review: A Sane View of Tragedy,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

In Review: A Majestic Study of Feudal Society,
Non-Fiction by Thomas N. Bisson

Henry David Thoreau, 1856 daguerreotype,
Cover Art by B.E. Maxham


On Robert Frost, Non-Fiction by Robert
Francis, Charles W. Cole, Reginald L. Cook

Amherst Fall; A North American Visit,
Poetry by Robin Skelton

Autumn Knowledge; and Greened My Twelfth,
Most Verdant Summer; This Magnet Hour;
Incident at Wells Fargo, Poetry by Harold Witt

Soka Gakkai: Religion and Politics in Japan,
Non-Fiction by Herbert J. Doherty Jr.

For Friends in Athens, Poetry by Gerda Norvig

Houses Lie, Believe the Lying Sea; Port Townsend,
Poetry by Richard Hugo

The Brother, Poetry by Larry Rubin

The Novel as a Genre, Non-Fiction by Maurice Z. Shroder

John Heartfield's Photomontages, Non-Fiction by
Peter Selz, with fifteen reproductions

William Carlos Williams and Some Young Germans,
Non-Fiction by M.L. Rosenthal

Three Pregnant Women, Poetry by Stephen Stepanchev

A Study of Fingers, Poetry by Barry Spacks

Trillium; April Hymn, Poetry by Raymond Kennedy

Ernst Toller: Drawn from Memory,
Non-Fiction by Ruth L. Yorck

The Magician, Poetry by Arnold Kenseth

The Art of Ingmar Bergman,
Non-Fiction by Charles Humboldt

The Sick-Soul-of-Europe Parties: "La Notte", "La Dolce Vita",
"Marienbad", Non-Fiction by Pauline Kael

Buster Keaton: An Interview,
Non-Fiction by Herbert Feinstein

How I Went Truant From School to Visit a River,
Poetry by Mary Oliver

The Squire in April, Poetry by E.G. Burrows

Thought in Time of Sorrow, Poetry by Norma Lay

In Review: Equality and Affluence: Some Dissenting Views,
Non-Fiction by Ely Chinoy

The Art of Victorian Life, Non-Fiction by Daniel F. Howard

Spain without Tears: America and the Spanish Civil War,
Non-Fiction by Peter Stansky

The Miracle Worker, Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

Theatre in India: Bewildering Diversities,
Non-Fiction by Samuel A. Eliot

Robert Frost, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


Poem, Poetry by E.E. Cummings

Unity: an Impartial Report, Fiction by
Judith Johnson Sherwin

Cuba's Shadow over the Americas,
Non-Fiction by Ramon Eduardo Cummings

Sleeve, Fiction by Lloyd Zimpel

Freedom, Joy & Indignation: Letters from,
Non-Fiction by E.E. Cummings

Death of a Moust; The Gull and the Nun, Poetry by Carl Linder

Two Boys by Warm and Bluish Minnow Pools,
Poetry by David Paradis

Decadence in Miniature, Non-Fiction by Renato Poggioli

Dog Bone Blues; Do-It-Yourself-Night; Hawks and Sparrows and Sparrows; Therzcat Boogie, Poetry by Keith Gunderson

Elegy in April; Strange Islands, Poetry by Alexander Taylor

Ralph Vaughan Williams: English and American Viewpoints,
Non-Fiction by Elliot Schwartz

The Catbird Seat is not Really; Metaphysician Heal Thyself,
Poetry by Ruth Beebee Fox

Outland Percussive, Poetry by Allen Planz

In Review: The Hunter and the Hunted: Leon Edel
and Henry James, Non-Fiction by Richard Poirier

In Review: Politics and Misrepresentation,
Non-Fiction by Gordon E. Baker

In Review: Arms and the Poet: Eight Books of Verse,
Non-Fiction by D.J. Hughes

E.E. Cummings, Cover Art by Marion Morehouse


American Innocence Reconsidered,
Non-Fiction by Gaylord C. LeRoy

This Combination, Poetry by
Rev. Leonard McCarthy S.J.

Accident, Poetry by Thomas Whitebread

Lilies, Poetry by W.R. Moses

The Power, Fiction by Edith Konecky

Schamyl in Corsica, Poetry by William Ferfuson

Trust; Greed; Clear Day, Poetry by Josephine Miles

Teeter-Totter, Poetry by Helen Winter

Faulkner's Ambiguous Negro, Non-Fiction by Melvin Seiden

Death of a Possum, Poetry by Marvin Solomon

12:35 express, Poetry by Aaron Kramer

The Palace, Poetry by George Hitchcock

The Hospital, Fiction by R.C. Day

Fire, Poetry by George Cuomo

Fragment of a Journey, Poetry by Sid Gershgoren

Brooklyn Bridge and the Mastery of Nature,
Non-Fiction by Alan Trachtenberg

Ad Inferos; A Radio Telescope; Tom Rhinoceros,
Poetry by John Taylor

Evensong, Poetry by E.F. Weisslitz

Hart Crane and the Clown Tradition,
Non-Fiction by R.W.B. Lewis

Between Two Bells; The Birds Flew Over; the Dream
of the City; Home, Poetry by John N. Norris

The Late Late Show, Poetry by
John William Corrington

Popular Sociaology, Non-Fiction by Ely Chinoy

The Mirror Image, Poetry by Eric Sellin

Desnuda, Poetry by Judson Crews

Evtushenko in Washington, Non-Fiction by
Richard Eberhart

Walking wih the Old Man's Last book; The End of the
World; Sal's Song, Poetry by Nicholas Crome

In Review: Kicking Philospophy Upstairs,
Non-Fiction by W.E. Kennick

In Review: The Muse's Method,
Non-Fiction by William G. Madsen

In Review: Breakup of Empire,
Non-Fiction by Richard Winston

In Review: John Dryden: Poetry and Public Life,
Non-Fiction by Frederick S. Troy

Brooklyn Bridge, Cover Art by Walker Evans


MR Literary Awards, Non-Fiction by MR

The Logic of Tyranny:A New Russian
Voice, Non-Fiction by John King-Farlow
and J. M. Rothstein

Of Those Who Only Waited, Poetry by
Leonard E. Nathan

Groundhog, Poetry by David Wevill

Playground, Poetry by Vern Rutsala

Afternoons, Poetry by Donald Junkins

Mr. Green, Fiction by J.W. Major, Jr.

Tombs at Tsfad, Galilee, Poetry by Neil Meyers

Single, the Poet is Surprised by Her Fever;
Encounter; In the Shadows of Early Sunlight;
Under the September Peach, Poetry by Robert Wallace

The Character of Jim and the Ending of "Huckleberry Finn",
Non-Fiction by Chadwick Hansen

At the Edge of West Field, Poetry by Peter D. Zivkovic

Bathing, Becoming; Widowed; From the Sea,
Poetry by Eric Pfeiffer

A Monument of Laziness, Poetry by James Schevill

Love is a Donkey, Fiction by Edsel Ford

Man in Black, Poetry by Paul Petrie

Portraits of Artists; 18 reproductions and 1 portrait,
Art by Leonard Baskin, notes by Sidney Kaplan

The Invention, Poetry by Myron Levoy

Jet Surcharge, Poetry by Robert Berkowitz

Negative Thinking about Politics,
Non-Fiction by Henry S. Kariel

To a Scapecat, Poetry by Richard Gillman

Midwestern Still Life; Before the Snowfall,
Poetry by Charles Wright

Sonnet to Helene, Poetry by Tim Reynolds

The Muse of Samuel Clemens,
Non-Fiction by James B. Cox

The Mount of Love, Poetry by Peter Dale Scott

Helen, Wife of Menelaus, Poetry by Mairi MacInnes

Cold Wave in Paris, Poetry by Jonathan Aaron

African Nationalist Movements in South Africa,
Non-Fiction by Gwendolen M. Carter

A Letter on South Africa, Non-Fiction by
The Rev. Trevor N.W. Bush

In Review: It'll Be Me: The Voice of Langston Hughes,
Non-Fiction by Doris E. Abramson

In Review: Robert Frost and the Quintessence of Things,
Non-Fiction by William Meredith

In Review: Manifesto for a New French Novel,
Non-Fiction by Anne Kostelanetz

In Review: A Recent First Novel, Non-Fiction by R.V. Cassill

In Review: Four Irish Traditions,
Non-Fiction by Richard M. Kain

Thomas Eakins, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


On Poetry and National Power,
Non-Fiction by John F. Kennedy

The Legend of John Kennedy,
Non-Fiction by Louis M. Lyons

Rites; Guts, Poetry by Thomas Whitbread

Church, State, and Perfection,
Non-Fiction by Lewis C. Mainzer

Essay on Marriage, Poetry by Hayden Carruth

James Baldwin's Autobiographical Essays: the
Problem of Negro Identity, Non-Fiction by David Levin

Nuns; After a Death, Poetry by Anne Stevenson

Elegy for a Battle, Poetry by Richard Murphy

Modern Ireland, Non-Fiction by W.B. Yeats

Letter to Lady Gregory, Non-Fiction by W.B. Yeats

The Death of Synge, Non-Fiction by Robin Skelton

Letters to Stephen MacKenna, Non-Fiction by John Synge

Eviction on Aran, Art by John Synge

Discoveries: Second Series, Non-Fiction by W.B. Yeats

A Centenary Celebration, Non-Fiction by Austin Clarke

The Roger Casement Trial,
Non-Fiction by George Bernard Shaw

A Fair Chance of a Disturbed Ireland,
Non-Fiction by W.B. Yeats

Downstream, Poetry by Thomas Kinsella

Playwright to Critic: Sean O'Casey's Letters to
George Jean Nathan, Non-Fiction by Sean O'Casey

Concerning James Joyce, Non-Fiction by Sean O'Casey

The Stoat; Man Fish and Bird; The Sheep Skull,
Poetry by John Hewitt

James Joyce's Shakespeare Chronology,
Non-Fiction by Richard M. Kain

Shem Accompanied, Poetry by Robin Skelton

Clarify Begins At: The Non-information of Finnegans
Wake, Non-Fiction by Denis Johnston

The Siege of Mullingar;The Water's Edge; Portrait of a
Poet, Poetry by John Montague

Twentieth Century Irish Literature and the Private
Press Tradition, Non-Fiction by Robin Skelton

Notes on an Irish Gathering, Non-Fiction by David R. Clark

The Nouvelle Vague in French Theatre,
Non-Fiction by Rosette C. Lamont

Deed; From the Tropics, Poetry by Ruth Berrien Fox

A Madrigal of Simples: Maine, Poetry by Lewis Turco

In Review: Scrutiny, Non-Fiction by R.C. Townsend

In Review: Sartre and Genet,
Non-Fiction by Bernard Elevitch

In Review: Medieval England: Radical Re-Appraisal,
Non-Fiction by Sidney R. Packard

John Millington Synge in 1908,
Cover Art by James Paterson

Photographs of the Aran Islands, Inside Front
Cover Art by John Millington Synge


The Matter of the Deputy,
Non-Fiction by Clara Winston

Was It Some Dark Worm Signaling;
Haystacking; Summer Rain; The Lotus Pond,
Poetry by Tracy Thompson

You Will Not Be Like Those, Poetry by Lou Lipsitz

Sticks and Stones, Fiction by Leonard Michaels

The Broken Pavement, Poetry by Neil Weiss Weiss

Home Thoughts, Poetry by Richard R. O'Keefe

The Sorrows of Edward Dahlberg,
Non-Fiction by Ilhab Hassan Hassan

Essays & Poems: a Miscellany,
Non-Fiction by Edward Dahlberg

Unpublished Preface to "Tropic of Cancer",
Non-Fiction by Walter Lowenfells

The Affair, Poetry by Theodore Holmes

Satan and the Pigeons on a Sunday in Mexico; Old Lady,
Call Off the Witches, Poetry by Christopher Bursk

Siren, Poetry by S.C. Leland

The Lost Days, Fiction by Charles Bacas

Student Thoughts: On Sweeney, Poetry by Lewis Carole

The Russet Horse; Noah's Fault, Poetry by Jere Berger

Eight Study Sheets, Non-Fiction by Michael Wentworth

Eight Study Sheets: Two Studies of a Nude
Youth, 1519-1521, Art by Jacopo Pontormo

Eight Study Sheets: Three Studies of a Chile and One
of an Old Woman, early 40's, Art by Rembrandt van Rijn,
Photograph by Mr. James West

Eight Study Sheets: A Crouching Nude Youth
Reaching for a Stone; Seperate Study of an Arm,
1826-1827, Art by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres,
Photograph by Mr. James West

Eight Study Sheets: A Ballet Dancer in Postion
Facing Three-Quarters Front, 1872, Art by E
dgar Dega, Photograph by Mr. James West

Eight Study Sheets: Three Women, Study for
"The Grande Jatte", c. 1885-1886, Art by
Georges Seurat, Photograph by Mr. James West

Eight Study Sheets: Studies: Old Man with a Glass,
Hands, 1890, Art by Adolph Menzel, Photograph by
Herbert P. Vose

Eight Study Sheets: Sheet of Studies with Three
Elephants, about 1905, Art by Pablo Picasso,
Photograph by Herman Edelstein

Eight Study Sheets: Chrysanthemum, 1908-1909,
Art by Piet Mondrian, Photograph by Herman Edelstein

In Quest of the Historical Schweitzer,
Non-Fiction by James W. Fermandez

Sonata III, Poetry by James Hayford

The Penitente, Poetry by Mabel M. Kuykendall

Saga of Awakening, Poetry by M. Catherine Poe

Frederico Fellini's "Purgatorio",
Non-Fiction by Barbara K. Lewalski

The Ohio Night; A Hot Day with Little Result;
Afternoon in the Canyon, Fiction by George Hitchcock

Will Identity; Bequest to the Wino, Poetry by R.S. Bronson

In Review: Poets and Literary Men of Russia,
Non-Fiction by Sidney Monas

In Review: Three Women Writers,
Non-Fiction by Barbara Howes

In Review: Realism, Romance, and Reality,
Non-Fiction by Genevieve Delattre

In Review: Italo Svevo: Poet of Ineptitude,
Non-Fiction by Joseph Cary

In Review: Homage to Clio,
Non-Fiction by Morris Weitz

Six Studies of Heads, Cover Art by Antoine Watteau


Changing People: Negro Civil Rights &
the Colleges, Non-Fiction by Howard Zinn

Sonnet; What Have I Lost,
Poetry by Paul Goodman

Mississippi Ham Rider, Fiction by Toni Cade

The Invasion; The Traveler; Watching the Fire;
A Winter Light; The Cave of Animals,
Poetry by John Haines

Last Encounter with Lorca, Non-Fiction by
Gabriel Celay, Jose Yglesias

From Baileys Mistake; At Saranac,
Poetry by Bruce Berlind

A Sign, and a Smile, Fiction by H.T. Fitzgerald

No Interpretations Please; You Think It's Going
To Be Easy, Poetry by Leonard Nathan

On Sleeping Together; for Chloe, for Cleo,
Poetry by Barbara Howes

Style and Humanity in Malamud's Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Marc L. Ratner

Calamine Lotion: Kaddish, Poetry by Robert Sward

Delia and the Sunfishes, Fiction by Raymond Kennedy

Marty Dreams of Glory; Nevad; Song; It Is
Enough, Poetry by Jack Hand

Charles Wells: Sculpture and Prints,
Art by Charles Chetham, with 14 reproductions

Britannia's Muse, Non-Fiction by Robin Skelton

Grandfather, Poetry by Joan Swift

Not Comparable To, Poetry by Wilson Clough

A Quality of Bach's Complexity,
Non-Fiction by Henry G. Mishkin

The Beautiful Tiger; A Tree Is, Poetry by
Keith Gunderson

Thorstein Veblen's Practical Cats,
Non-Fiction by J.C. Levenson

Poem, Poetry by Milton Gilman

The Walker: Modern American Hero,
Non-Fiction by Richard Pearce

Correspondence: John Brown Jr. and the Haymarket
Martyrs, Non-Fiction by Letters, edited by Louis Ruchames

In Review: Two German Writers of the Sixties,
Non-Fiction by Beate Ruhm von Oppen

In Review: The Struggle for Human Rights in America,
Non-Fiction by Mulford Q. Sibley

In Review: France Since 1789, Non-Fiction by Henri Peyre

In Review: Two Lives of John Keats,
Non-Fiction by William Heath

In Review: Hemingway's Sad Memoir,
Non-Fiction by William Van O'Connor

Seated Woman, Cover Art by Charles Wells


Corollary to a Poem by A.E. Housman,
Poetry by Andrew Goodman

Black Orpheus, Fiction by Jean-Paul Sartre,
Translated by John MacCombie

In Minority; Within One Temperate Zone (1);
Within One Temperate Zone (2), Poetry by
Laura Ulewicz

The Return of Peredwr, Poetry by Rolfe Humphries

The Problems of the Negro Writer,
Non-Fiction by Saunders Redding

Maratea Porto, Poetry by Richard Hugo

Evergreens Deck the Year, Poetry by R.G. Vliet

A Bargain, Fiction by James Ballard

Nuns by the Sea, Poetry by Robert Wallace

Letter to a Young Critic,
Non-Fiction by Wright Morris

A Day in Court with the Literary Critic,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Robischon

The White Horse, Poetry by Ann Stanford

Hometown; Big Mountain,
Poetry by William C. Dell

The Devil's Advocate,
Fiction by Mary Doyle Curran

Cain the Beautiful; Your Turning Years,
Poetry by Peter Viereck

The Work of Edwin Romanzo Elmer; "Edwin Romanzo
Elmer: As I Knew Him", Non-Fiction by Maud Valona Elmer

Eisenstein, Poetry by Lincoln Kirsten

Half the Characters Had Eagles' Faces: W.B. Yeat's
Unpublished "Shadowy Waters", Non-Fiction by David Clark

Irish Theatre Letter, Non-Fiction by Mary O'Malley

The Theatre of Edward Albee,
Non-Fiction by Charles Thomas Samuels

In Review: The Making of the English Working Class,
Non-Fiction by R.K. Webb

In Review: Richardson's Characters,
Non-Fiction by David Daiches

In Review: Mississippi: Justice and Indoctrination,
Non-Fiction by Jack Thompson

In Review: White and Black,
Non-Fiction by Martin Oppenheimer

Birdman, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


Sean O' Casey: 1880-1964,
Non-Fiction by David Krause

A Consolation; Word From Your Victim,
Poetry by Leonard E. Nathan

A Death be the Seashore,
Poetry by Tony Connor

The South That Is Man's Destiny,
Non-Fiction by Robert Coles

Moths; Birmingham, Poetry by Julia Fields

Kelly; Uptown, Poetry by Robert Hershon

Living In Sin, Fiction by David Ely

Whale of a Factory, Poetry by Anonymous,
Transalted from the Hungarian by Sonia Raiziss

The Click of My Arriaval, Poetry by Illes Lajos,
Transalted from the Hungarian by Sonia Raiziss

Hymn of the Dead, Poetry by Gabor Kocsis,
Transalted from the Hungarian by Sonia Raiziss

My Homeland, Poetry by Gabor Kocsis,
Transalted from the Hungarian by Sonia Raiziss

Marine Morning, Poetry by Gabor Kocsis,
Transalted from the Hungarian by Sonia Raiziss

James, Fitgerald, and the American Self-Image,
Non-Fiction by Kermit Vanderbilt

Not What Was, Poetry by Langston Hughes

Matrix, Poetry by Sandra Goding

Late Thoughts on Nathanael West,
Non-Fiction by Daniel Aaron

You Outlive All Your Diseases Except One,
Poetry by Ruth Whitman

Panic, Poetry by Gladys Ely

Resurrection, Non-Fiction by Gideon Telpaz

The Mystery; Old As Pain,
Poetry by Tracy Thompson

Audubon's Quadrepeds, Art by Audubon John,
10 reproductions

John James Audubon; "Audubon's Quadrupeds",
Non-Fiction by Francis Murphy

The Student Rebellion at Berkeley - An Interpretaion,
Non-Fiction by Richard M. Abrams

Some Beer Music; Cow, Poetry by Roger Weaver

Jean-Paul Sartre: From the Roof of the World,
Non-Fiction by Bernard Elevitch

Quasimodo On Sunday; Between Flying and Falling,
Poetry by Richard Gillman

Death and Tragi-Comedy: Three Plays of the New
Theatre, Drama by Rosette Lamont

A Note on Eliot's Borrowings,
Non-Fiction by George W. Nitchie

To the September Bathers, Poetry by Doris Holmes

T.S. Eliot: 1888-1965, Non-Fiction by Leonard Unger

In Review: Poems Public and Private,
Non-Fiction by Mary Doyle Curran

In Review: The Uncomfortable Middle,
Non-Fiction by David E. Smith

In Review: The Real Wyndham Lewis,
Non-Fiction by William H. Pritchard

In Review: On Prizes and Prize Winners,
Non-Fiction by Sumner M. Greenfield

In Review: The Return of More's Laundered Asceticism,
Non-Fiction by Arthur Hazard Dakin

In Review: Yeats as Dramatist,
Non-Fiction by John Unterecker

In Review: Nourishment, Poetry by Walt Phllips

Letters of Timothy Dwight and John Taylor,
Non-Fiction edited by R.H. Brown

John James Audubon, Cover Art by Frederick Cruckshank


The Satirical Rogue,
Non-Fiction by Robert Francis

D.H. Lawrence, 1912-1916,
Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

One Never Knows,
Poetry by Lorenzo Toumes

For Denise Levertov; Unless Soul Clap Its
Hands and Sing; My Grandmother Goes Down
to the Lethe; Gardens and Skies, Poetry by Gibbons Ruark

Fireflies, Fiction by Miriam Goldman

The Waves, The Heat Glare, The Drowning; The Spring;
The First Good Day; What if Those Lips; Hymn; On
Making a Name; A Winter Beam; Comic Problems;
The Lens, Poetry by Micheal Goldman

The Chaplinade , Non-Fiction by Leger Fernand

The Chaplinade, Poetry by Goll Yvan, A Film Poem

The Art of Humor, Non-Fiction by Luigi Pirandello,
Translated by John Patrick Pattinson

The Chaplinade: The Art of Humor, Non-Fiction by
Pirandello Luigi, Postscript on Humor

The Existentialist; The Wall, Poetry by Paul Petrie

Leopold Bloom Fourfold, Non-Fiction by Robert Tracy

Bogart, Poetry by Nicholas Flokos

Anyman on Shipboard; Blast From a Bad Season,
Poetry by Martin Halpern

The Blond Nets, Poetry by Daisy Aldan

Against the Dying of the Light, Fiction by
Margery Silver

A Family Chronicle, Poetry by Gray Burr

False Haiku, Poetry by Linda Helgason

Emily Dickinson: The Formative Years,
Non-Fiction by David T. Porter

Letter to a Young Contributor,
Non-Fiction by Thomas W. Higginson

Beyond Civil Rights, Non-Fiction by Nat Hentoff

Words for a Friend . . .; The Episcopal Windows on
John Street; Two Dreams of Kansas; The Hometown
Hero Comes Home, Poetry by David Etter

Wittgenstein, Nonsense, & Lewis Carroll,
Non-Fiction by George Pitcher

Acteon; Old Believers; Tippecone, Poetry by Neil Meyers

Welsh Bardic Meters & English Poetry,
Non-Fiction by A.E. Towner

In Review: Simone Weil, Non-Fiction by Henri Peyre

In Review: The Confessions of Moses Herzog,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

In Review: The Man From Half Moon Street,
Non-Fiction by Maurice Harmon

In Review: Impressions of Degas,
Non-Fiction by Jean Boggs

In Review: Some Surprises from Mr. Coolidge,
Non-Fiction by A.B. Rollins, Jr.

To the Editor: On E.P. Thompson, Non-Fiction by James
Dugan, Rejoinder by R.K. Webb

To the Editor: Edward Albee, Non-Fiction by Carol D. Hill

To the Editor: Civil Rights & White Intellectuals,
Non-Fiction by G.C.

Chaplin, Cover Art by Dessin Fernand Leger


The Politics of Design,
Non-Fiction by John William Ward

Solipsist, Poetry by George W. Nitchie

The Articles of War, the Eagle Plain,
Poetry by Robert Francis

Boomerang, Poetry by Joseph Francis Murphy

The Lyman Letters: New Light on Emily Dickinson
and Her Family, Non-Fiction by Richard B. Sewall

Neighborhood Theater; Emergency, Poetry by Larry Rubin

The Wound; Night Song, Poetry by Ruth Domino

Reunion in Maine, Poetry by Robley Wilson, Jr.

The Scholar's Woman, Fiction by Lee Yu-Hwa

News Item, Poetry by Leonard S. Bernstein

Poem About Hopping; Landscape in Three Lights,
Poetry by David P. Young

Lone Wolf, Poetry by R.E. Sebenthall

Daumier: The Later Phase, Art by Oliver Larkin

Britannia's Muse Revisited, Non-Fiction by Robin Skelton

The Godhead Search; The Magnetic Field; Estuary;
A Note on Walt Whitman, Poetry by J. Edgar Simmons

Walter Lowenfel's Poetic Politics,
Non-Fiction by Allen Guttmann

In Review: Red, White, Blue - and Black,
Non-Fiction by Peter I. Rose

In Review: Recent Texts in Philosophy,
Non-Fiction by F.W. Hagen and J. King-Farlow

In Review: The Achievement of Frederick Hoffman,
Non-Fiction by Melvin J. Friedman

In Review: Dangerous Thoughts on Women,
Non-Fiction by Muriel Haynes

To the Editor: Sartre's Thoery of " Anti-Racist Racism"
in His Study of Negritude, Non-Fiction by W.A. Jeanpierre

Honore Daumier, Cover Art by
Gaspard Felix Tournachon


A Conversation by Alexander Meiklejohn,
Poetry by Josephine Miles

The Other Man, Fiction by Benjamin De Mott

The Four Ages; Recompense, Poetry by
Douglas G. Worth

The Central Man: Emerson, Whitman,
Wallace Stevens, Non-Fiction by Harold Bloom

In the Coastal Tower; What Was Real,
Poetry by Alexander Taylor

Trying for Solitude, Poetry by Jack Linderman

Mrs. Reardon's Gamble, Fiction by
Mary Doyle Curran

Dust and Death; Mitsubishi, Poetry by Tracy Thompson

How the Baby Pigeon . . .; Honeycomb A Go Go,
Poetry by Keith Gunderson

Early December, Poetry by John Tagliabue

The Deal, Fiction by Leonard Michaels

To a Young Lady at the Museum,
Poetry by Jonathan Aldrich

A Century of Negro Portriture in American
Literature, Non-Fiction by Sterling A. Brown

Night Poem: Vancouver Island, Poetry by Robin Skelton

Traveler's Agent, Poetry by Arnold Lazarus

The Negro in the Art of Homer Eakins,
Art by Homer Eakins, Introduction by Sidney
Kaplan, 11 reproductions

The Origin of a Species, 1942-1957,
Non-Fiction by Wright Morris

Stevens' "Like Decorations in a Nigger Cemetery",
Non-Fiction by Helen H. Vendler

Observer: The Twenty-Fifth Year of Franco's Peace,
Non-Fiction by Jose Yglesias

Observer: Paul Elmer More, Non-Fiction by Barrows Dunham

In Review: W. K. Wimsatt's Criticism,
Non-Fiction by R.C. Townsend

In Review: Three Plays by Ernst Barlach,
Non-Fiction by Stephen Coy

In Review: Two Novels, Non-Fiction by R.V. Cassill

In Review: Aldrich in Art, Non-Fiction by Dorothy Walsh

In Review: Emily Dickinson: A Balanced View,
Non-Fiction by Mordecai Marcus

In Review: The House of Commons,
Non-Fiction by Barry McGill

Whistling for Plover (detail), Cover Art by Thomas Eakins


The Achievement of Anna Freud,
Non-Fiction by Robert Coles

Some Walks on the Edge, Poetry by Peter Viereck

A Round of History, Poetry by Carroll Arnett

Crane's Visionary Lyrics: The Way to the Bridge, Non-Fiction by R.W.B. Lewis

Abraham Sutskever: Poetry, Landscape, The Banks
of a River, Poetry by Abraham Sutskever, Translated
from the Yiddish by Ruth Whitman

Offspring; Meditation, Poetry by
James Arlington Jones

Debate on a Rainy Afternoon, Fiction by
Bharati Mukherjee

Burned Flowers of the Field, Poetry by
Jonathan Rappoport

Yeats and the Easter Rising, Non-Fiction by
Edward Malins

Morning on Easter Island, Poetry by Jon Anderson

My Mother's Husband, Poetry by Tony Connor

The Certainty, Poetry by George Bower

Rodin's The Walking Man, Art by Elsen Albert,
essay by Albert Elsen, 16 pages of illustration

American Poetry in 1965, Non-Fiction by
Josephine Miles

Rhodesia: Background, Crisis, and Future,
Non-Fiction by Edward Feit

To the River, Poetry by Philip Appleman

Under the West Side Highway, Poetry by Philip Booth

Seeing Someone, Poetry by Harold Witt

Observer: Fish Are Juming an' the Cotton Is High:
Notes from the Mississippi Delta, Non-Fiction by Mike Thelwell

In Review: Eugene Delecroix, Non-Fiction by
Frank Trapp

In Review: The Circus Animals' Desertion: J. Hills
Miller's "Poets of Reality", Non-Fiction by William Pritchard

In Review: South African Tragedy,
Non-Fiction by Trevor Bush

In Review: Communist Purges and Purgatory,
Non-Fiction by Laszlo Tikos

In Review: The Text of Tuckerman's Poems,
Non-Fiction by Mordecai Marcus

Documentation: Debate on Vietnam Policy,
Non-Fiction by Henry Steel Commanger
and Alvin Friedman

Head of Man with Broken Nose,
Front Cover Art by Auguste Rodin

Easter Proclamation 1916, Back Cover Art by
Courtesy of Imperial War Museum


Andrei Sinyavsky, On Robert Frost's Poems,
Non-Fiction by Andrei Sinyavsky, L. Tikos
and F.C. Ellert

Carrabassett Suite, Poetry by John Judson

Realism; The Real Thing; Dear Arl, Poetry by
Al Young

Good-bye, Good-bye, Poetry by Ralph I. Salisbury

John Hawkes on His Novels, Non-Fiction by John Graham,
Interview from April ,1965

John Hawkes: The Lime Twig and Other Tenuous Horrors,
Non-Fiction by Robert I. Edenbaum

Because, Poetry by J. Peter Meinke

Girls & Drums; Miss Edna's Epitaph, Poetry by J.G. Cooke

The Happiest You've Ever Been, Fiction by
Nancy A.J. Potter

Written on the Run; Cockaigne, Poetry by John Taylor

The Old Hotel by the El Fell Down,
Poetry by Robert Lewis Weeks

Solipsism and Death in D.H. Lawrence's Late Works,
Non-Fiction by David Cavitch

Signature: the Perfect Destroyers, Poetry by Stanley Koehler

The Novels of Anthony Burgess, Non-Fiction by W.H. Pritchard

Pocoangelini 42, Poetry by Lewis Turco

My Uncle's Voice, Poetry by Allan Block

Western Hero, Poetry by R.L. Hughes

Drama and Film: Revolution as Theatre: Danton's
Death and Marat/Sade, Non-Fiction by E.M. Fleissner

Drama and Film: The Italian Film: Antonioni, Fellini,
Bolognini, Non-Fiction by Anne Paolucci

Death by Accident, Poetry by Stephen Stepanchev

Overcoming the White Man's History,
Non-Fiction by Howard N. Meyer

Medical Aid: An Old Man's Lark, Poetry by D.L. Jones

The Pond (I); The Pond (2); The Return,
Poetry by Beth Bentley

Tact; The Assertions, Poetry by Thomas Whitbread

In Review: Eliot's Weary Gestures of Dismissal,
Non-Fiction by W.K. Wimsatt

In Review: Assimilating Yeats, Non-Fiction by Helen Vendler

In Review: Stanley Elkin's Orpans,
Non-Fiction by Allen Guttmann

In Review: Reason and Judgement in Criticism,
Non-Fiction by Isabel C. Hungerland

In Review: Sean O' Casey: Fact and Fancy,
Non-Fiction by Ronald Ayling

Feeding Time at the Snake Cage,
Poetry by Adrianne Marcus

No Title is Available, Cover Art by J. Chailloux


The Embers of Easter, Non-Fiction by
Connor Cruse O'Brien

Alabama Tenants: 1937, Poetry by
William Corrington

Toward Black Liberation, Non-Fiction by
Stokely Carmichael

Mozart in Thetford, Poetry by William Hollis

Bright An' Mowin' Star, Fiction by Mike Thelwell

Berlin: The Ruined Countess, Poetry by
Florence Elon

Incident in Ashland, Oregon, Poetry by
Dale Nelson

The Expulsion, Fiction by Raymond Kennedy

Technology and Future of Art,
Non-Fiction by Arthur Efron

Angels, Poetry by Paul Newman

Miners, Poetry by Morton Marcus

Song of the Half-Willing Insomnia,
Poetry by Albert S. Cook

The Trial Begins for Soviet Literature,
Non-Fiction by E.J. Simmons

Manet's Caricatures: Olympia, Art by Mina Curtiss,
Essay by Mina Curtiss, with 25 reproductions

A Letter from Catherine Cornaro, Poetry by
David Posner

The Perennial Myth: Writing American History Today,
Non-Fiction by A.S. Eisenstadt

The Orderly: P.M., Poetry by Steven Orlen

As Others See Us, Poetry by Jon Stallworthy

The Greatness of "Gatsby", Non-Fiction by
Charles Thomas Samuels

My Father; A Carol, Poetry by John Fenton

Christmas 1964, Poetry by Jon Klimo

Drunks on Christmas Eve; Monsoon,
Poetry by Richard Schramm

Riddled, Poetry by A.M. Sampley

In Review: Wendell Willkie,
Non-Fiction by Frederick S. Troy

In Review: The New Radicalism,
Non-Fiction by Milton Cantor

In Review: The Relevance of Literary Biography,
Non-Fiction by Elaine Marks

In Review: The Tragic Sense of Newton Arvin,
Non-Fiction by Arnold Goldman

Manet, Cover Art by Curtiss From the collection
of Mrs. Henry T.


One for the Grave, Drama by Louis MacNeice

Memorial, Poetry by Ann Stanford

Seven Sonnets, Poetry by Richard Eberhart

The Committal, Fiction by Walter G. Collett

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
By Wauchopeside, Poetry by Hugh MacDiarmid

Thistle, Art by Leonard Baskin

Potrait of Hugh MacDiarmid, Art by Leonard Baskin

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
Whuchulls, Poetry by Hugh MacDiarmid

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
The Royal Stag, Poetry by Hugh MacDiarmid

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
Assisi, Poetry by Norman MacCaig

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
Hotel Room, 12th Floor, Poetry by Norman MacCaig

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
Linguist, Poetry by Norman MacCaig

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
Neglected Graveyard, Luskentyre, Poetry by Norman MacCaig

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
Painting-"The blue Jar", Poetry by Norman MacCaig

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid & Norman MacCaig:
You Went Away, Poetry by Norman MacCaig

Verse in the Theater: The Language of Tragedy,
Non-Fiction by Martin Halpern

Revolution or Counter-Revolution in Brazil?,
Non-Fiction by Ieda S. and Howard J. Wiarda

The Mexican-American Laborers: A Different Drummer?,
Non-Fiction by Marjorie Fallows

Observer: Africa's Olympiad of the Arts:
The Dakar Festival, Non-Fiction by Thomas Cassirer

MR Poetry Signature #2: The Graves of Scotland Parish,
Poetry by Donald Junkins

Obsession; the True Song, Poetry by John Montague

Will Tarzan Swing in Time, Poetry by David P. Young

In Review: The Landscapes of Frederic Church,
Non-Fiction by John Wilmerding

In Review: Toward Understanding of C.S. Pierce,
Non-Fiction by Murray G. Murphey

In Review: "Sound Direction", Non-Fiction by
Linda Welshimer Wagner

In Review: A Note on Ariel, Non-Fiction by Barbara Homes

Gravestone, Cover Art by Jack Coughlin


Absurd, Absurd, Fiction by Myron Levoy

Gather Ye Rosebuds O Leda Goldman;
Verities, Poetry by M.J. Bosse

Breughel's Farmers, Poetry by John Taylor

March, Poetry by Lincoln Kirsten

The Changing Face of American Political Ideology,
Non-Fiction by Everett Carll Ladd, Jr.

Brotherhood Week; Eichmann; It Won't Work,
Poetry by Leonard Nathan

Bye, Lena, Non-Fiction by Charlotte Painter

Clouds Black with Tomorrow's Snow,
Poetry by Richard Purdum

English Comp., Poetry by W. W. and Rosellen Brown

Still Born, Poetry by Marjorie Bertram Smith

Reconnaissance, Poetry by C.B. Oppenheimer

The American Scene: Versions of the City,
Non-Fiction by Alan Trachtenberg

After Antietam; The Fillmore, Poetry by George Keithley

The Hafflin an the Bodach, Poetry by David Buchan

Mother, Poetry by Mairi MacInnes

Fortunes of the Novel: Muriel Spark and Iris Murdoch,
Non-Fiction by Warner Berthoff

Feeding the Chickadees, Poetry by Michael Hamburger

Suite, Poetry by Jean Garrigue

Observer: The Boys of Santa Pola,
Non-Fiction by Jose Yglesias

Barcelona Calling; More Correspondence; Return;
Café Life; Domesticity, Poetry by Thomas Parkinson

Britannia's Muse Awaking, Poetry by Robin Skelton

Mouths; Cleanliness, Poetry by Robert Hershon

World of Child Drummers; Journeyman,
Poetry by J. Edgar Simmons

Comment: By Power Possessed,
Non-Fiction by Milton Mayer

In Review: Culture as Therapy,
Non-Fiction by Richard W. Noland

In Review: Echoes of Revolt, Non-Fiction by
Harvey Swados

In Review: The Fixer, Non-Fiction by Stanley Elkin

In Review: Green'es Comedians and Amis' Anti Death
League, Non-Fiction by Allan Casson

The Americanization of Martin Green,
Non-Fiction by Richard Foster

The Matchmaker at Sea, Cover Art by
Leonard Nathan


Dust to Dust, Fiction by Ronald DeFeo

It Will Happen, Poetry by Jeannette Nichols

No Reason: The Street; In Insect Light,
Poetry by G.Lynn Cochrane

The Night Visitors, Fiction by Ralph Robin

Dream of an Old Girlfriend, Poetry by
Steven Osterlund

Hemingway's Staying Power,
Non-Fiction by Edward L. Galligan

Letter from Pemaquid; My Daughter Cries Out in
Her Sleep, Poetry by Gibbons Ruark

Literature and Sexuality,
Non-Fiction by Doanld R. Howard

A Question of Taste, Fiction by Jack B. Lawson

Washington, Poetry by Welton Smith

The Urban University: The University in an Urban
Society, Non-Fiction by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

The Urban University: The Urban University,
Non-Fiction by Riesman David

The Urban University: Incipient Catastrophe:
The University and the City, Non-Fiction by Glenn Tinder

The Urban University: Crisis in the City,
Non-Fiction by Daniel P. Moynihan

The Urban University: The University of Massachusetts
in Boston, Non-Fiction by John W. Ryan

The Intemperate Zone: The Climate of Contemporary
American Fiction, Non-Fiction by Paul Levine

Song, Poetry by George P. Elliot

An Apology of Rain, Poetry by Bernrard DeKoven

Odds and Ends, Poetry by Carl Rakosi

Some Night Thoughts on Samuel Beckett,
Non-Fiction by J.R. Moore

To a Woman Whose Fiance Was Killed at War,
Poetry by Herbert Scott

Recent American Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Helen Vendler

Plaint, Poetry by Linda Pastan

In Review: Norman Mailer's Extravagances,
Non-Fiction by William H. Pritchard

In Review: Politics and Spiritual Values,
Non-Fiction by Mulford Q. Sibley

In Review: Eighteen Stories: Heinrich Böll,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Aczell

In Review: Recent Books on Russian Literature,
Non-Fiction by Philippe Radley

In Review: The Enemy of Freedom Is Fantasy, Iris
Murdoch, Non-Fiction by Warner Berthoff

Urban Scene: N.Y.C. from 34th Street North to
Harlem, Cover Art by Courtesy of The Bettman Archive, Inc.


The Blues as a Literary Theme,
Non-Fiction by Gene Bluestein

I Object, Said the Object,
Poetry by Mairi MacInnes

One of Those Days, Poetry by John B. Rosesnman

The Hotel, Fiction by Jack Matthews

University Cafeteria, Poetry by Larry Rubin

R.P. Blackmur and the Critisism of Poetry,
Non-Fiction by William H. Pritchard

Emily Dickinson: Partial Portrait,
Poetry by Sydney R. McLean

For Queen Eleanor on the Anniversary of Her Birth,
Poetry by Burton Welcher

End of a Year, Fiction by Oren McCleary

William Burroughs and the Literature of Addiction,
Non-Fiction by Frank D. McConnell

Feelings of Love and Violence,
Art by Leonel Gongora

Sappho and Other Stories,
Non-Fiction by William Brandon

Harold Pinter's Happy Families,
Non-Fiction by R.F. Storch

The Theatre of Assault: Four Off-Off Broadway Plays,
Drama by David Madden

At Her Going, Poetry by Robin Johnson

On the Tidal Ledge; The Jellyfish,
Poetry by Wm. Pitt Root

Observer: The Last Seven Years in Cuba,
Non-Fiction by Jose Yglesias

Observer: Change and the Individual in Modern Japan,
Non-Fiction by Lawrence Olson

Both Ways, Poetry by Robert Coles

In Review: Voltaire and the Enlightenment,
Non-Fiction by Henri Peyre

In Review: The Other Boswell,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Copeland

In Review: Ford Madox Ford as Poet and Editor,
Non-Fiction by Frank MacShane

In Review: Civil Rights Imagery,
Non-Fiction by Paul L. Murphy

In Review: Donaldson's Beowulf: The Critical Art of Translation, Non-Fiction by Howell D. Chickering, Jr.

La Calavera, Cover Art by Jose Guadalupe Posada

On the condition of being 500 years old,
Back Cover Art by Leonel Gongora


Mr. Styron and The Reverend Turner,
Non-Fiction by Mike Thelwell

Stephen's Green Revisted; Revolutionary,
Poetry by Richard Weber

She So Quick, Poetry by Michael J. Phillips

Manikin, Fiction by Leonard Michaels

There is a Blue Wolf, Poetry by Jack Crawford, Jr.

The Kite, Poetry by Lewis Turco

A Memorial Tribute to Carl Sandburg,
Non-Fiction by Archibald MacLeish

A Game of Marbles; Sleeping Out, Poetry by Robin Skelton

The Limestone Dead Man, Art by Leonard Baskin

Greece Today: David's Night in Velies, Poetry by James Merrill

Greece Today: Eyewitness: Greece, April 21, 1967,
Non-Fiction by Robert McDonald

Greece Today: Grecian Summer,
Non-Fiction by B.W. Heineman, Jr.

Greece Today: Retreat from Politics,
Non-Fiction by George Anastaplo

Greece Today: Context: From Antartes to Symmorites:
Road to Greek Fratricide, Non-Fiction by Elias Thermos

Greece Today: Social Change and Nationhood,
Non-Fiction by Adamantia Pollis

Greece Today: Dilemmas of Modernization,
Non-Fiction by William H. McNeill

Greece Today: Greek Political Freedom and United States
Foreign Policy, Non-Fiction by Roy C. Macridis

Greece Today: The Sisarray of Greek Politics in Exile,
Non-Fiction by Stephen Rousseas

Greece Today: The Importunate,
Poetry by Gray Burr

King Lear and Moby-Dick: The Cultural Connection,
Non-Fiction by Julian Markels

The Ride Home, Poetry by Lawson Inada

Entries, Poetry by Felix Pollak

Traffic, Poetry by Eric Fried

In Review: Nothing Like the English, Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

In Review: The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs,
Non-Fiction by Trevor N.W. Bush

In Review: The Spanish Dilemma,
Non-Fiction by Robert W. Kern

In Review: The Puritan Colonists,
Non-Fiction by Norman S. Grabo

Limestone Dead Man, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


Huckleberry Finn and the Nature of Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Jane Johnson

Saying It, Kon in Springtime,
Poetry by Tony Connor

Spring Commences, Poetry by Herbert Scott

A Miracle Down in the Second Platoon,
Fiction by Robert Bense

Skirnir's Ride, Poetry by Unknown, Translated
from the Icelandic by W.H. Auden and Paul B. Taylor,
with notes by Peter H. Salus

The Boat, Fiction by Alistair MacLeod

Vietnamese Restaurant, Paris, Poetry by Robin Buss

Sophokles' Antigone, Drama by Theodore Stinchecum

From Comedy to Terror,
Non-Fiction by M.G. Cooke

Hunger Weather, Poetry by Michael Gregory

Drama: Eric Bentley: The Hero as Theatre Critic,
Non-Fiction by Darko Suvin

Film: Gipsies and Gentlemen,
Non-Fiction by T.J. Ross

Observer: Letter from New Delhi,
Non-Fiction by Leonard Nathan

In Review: B.H. Haggin's Reasonable Procedures,
Non-Fiction by Robert Garis

In Review: McLuhan and His Commentators,
Non-Fiction by Elizabeth Sewell

In Review: Socrates and Aristophanes,
Non-Fiction by Jacob Klein

In Review: Naming and Conservatism,
Non-Fiction by Alan Trachtenberg

To the Editor: Letter from a C.O. in the Army,
Non-Fiction by David Haracz

Ira Aldridge as Othello, Cover Art by J. Chailloux


Through the Prism of Folklore: The Black
Ethos in Slavery, Non-Fiction by Sterling Stuckey

Remembering the Third Avenue El,
Poetry by Jack McManis

The Blessing, Poetry by Michael Goldman

The Plane Coming In, Jerking To Land,
Poetry by Michael Goldman

If There Was A Camera For The World,
Poetry by Michael Goldman

Tell Martha Not To Moan,
Fiction by S.A. Williams

Take A Message or The Indecisive, Poetry by Rolfe Humphries

The Salmon, Poetry by Rolfe Humphries

The Night School, Fiction by John W. Corrington

The Lover Questions His Love, Poetry by Gray Burr

Inwood, Poetry by Dorothy Hughes

All The Way From Thermopylae,
Poetry by Norman Hoegberg

Rediscoveries of Karl Marx,
Non-Fiction by Vaclav Holesovsky

Rotogravure, Poetry by Erin Jolly

Waking, Poetry by Jeremy Robson

Poetry Reading, Poetry by Robert A. Davies

Fourteen Etchings by J.J. Tissot, Art by J.J. Tissot,
commentary by Michael Wentworth

Old Melville's Fable, Non-Fiction by B.L. Reid

(Idea!), Poetry by John Hollander

The Stone of Ampurias, Poetry by John Unterecker

You Too? Me Too--Why Not?,
Poetry by Robert Hollander

The Revolution in Philosophy,
Non-Fiction by Alice Ambrose

Figures in Snow, Poetry by W.R. Moses

Open-eyed, Poetry by John Knight

Tempera Poem, Poetry by John Knight

Talisman, Poetry by William Sallar

Frank Yerby as Debunker,
Non-Fiction by Darwin T. Turner

In Review: On Report From Iron Mountain,
Non-Fiction by George Kateb

In Review: Peter Viereck: Durable Poet,
Non-Fiction by Joseph Jacobsen

In Review: Into The Pressure Cooker,
Non-Fiction by Richard Kostelanetz

In Review: Creeley and Rexroth: No Simple Poets,
Non-Fiction by Donald Junkins

In Review: Maritain in Opposition,
Non-Fiction by Frederick Busi

In Review: Think Back on the Thirties,
Non-Fiction by Allen Guttman

Witness: John Sterling--Bookseller,
Non-Fiction by Charles Powers Smith

The Banjo Lesson, Cover art by Henry O. Tanner


The Use of American Power in the Post-Colonial World, Non-Fiction by Herbert I. Schiller

Sacramental Acts, Poetry by Barry Goldensohn

Sandbox, Fiction by Charlotte Painter

For Robert Kennedy, Poetry by Donald Junkins

Timely Message, Poetry by James Arlington Jones

Time, Poetry by James Arlington Jones

Six Prose Pieces, Fiction by Paul van Ostaijen,
Translated, with an introduction by E.M. Beekman

Going to Chicago, Poetry by Arthur L. Devlin

N., Poetry by Arthur L. Devlin

Graves Registration Unit,
Poetry by Arthur L. Devlin

Ovenmen, Fiction by Lloyd Zimpel

October Fifteenth, Poetry by Philip Appleman

The Dark Time, Poetry by Steven Osterlund

Divorce, Poetry by W.A. Mathewson

If The Pale Ballerina, Poetry by Norman H. Russell

Recent American Poetry: Outside Relevancies,
Non-Fiction by Anne Halley

7 Young Poets: When You Go,
Poetry by Brendan Galvin

7 Young Poets: Inversions of Summer,
Poetry by Brendan Galvin

7 Young Poets: Hitch-hiker,
Poetry by Brendan Galvin

7 Young Poets: "The eternal silence of these infinite
spaces frightens me", Poetry by Brendan Galvin

7 Young Poets: The summer virgins in the library,
Poetry by Harold Flavin

7 Young Poets: Semifinal in the china room,
Poetry by Harold Flavin

7 Young Poets: The turkey buzzard ode,
Poetry by Harold Flavin

7 Young Poets: Cardinal recurrent,
Poetry by Harold Flavin

7 Young Poets: The way home,
Poetry by Brian Richards

7 Young Poets: Porsche,
Poetry by Michael Heffernan

7 Young Poets: Night fishing,
Poetry by Gibbons Ruark

7 Young Poets: For my cousin, dead at fifteen,
Poetry by Gibbons Ruark

7 Young Poets: The huckster,
Poetry by Steven Orlen

7 Young Poets: House of all my loves,
Poetry by Steven Orlen

7 Young Poets: Where I am now,
Poetry by James D. Cleghorn

7 Young Poets: Small town,
Poetry by James D. Cleghorn

7 Young Poets: Rain bears this early hour,
Poetry by James D. Cleghorn

Emerson and Kierkegaard: The Problem of Historical
Christianity, Non-Fiction by Harold Fromm

Film: Blow-up: Medium, Message, Mythos and Make-Believe,
Non-Fiction by George Slover

Don't Try to Fool Her!; The Reported Flood,
Poetry by Donald Moyer

Sunday Ritual, Poetry by Robert Phillips

Observer: The Phoenix and the Desert Places,
Non-Fiction by Sterns Morse

I Have Never Been to War; The Moon Turned
Bankrupt, Poetry by Charles Robinson

Documentation: In Nomination for the Presidency
the Name of The Reverend Channing E. Phillips,
Non-Fiction by Philip M. Stern

In Review: R.W.B. Lewis's Hart Crane,
Non-Fiction by Warner Berthoff

In Review: Sacerdotium Versus Regnum,
Non-Fiction by Eleanor Duckett

In Review: Film Criticism in Crisis,
Non-Fiction by Charles Thomas

In Review: A Sense of Kermode,
Non-Fiction by William H. Pritchard

In Review: Poverty, Prejudice and the Draft,
Non-Fiction by Peter H. Salus

On Poetry, Front and Back Cover Art by Wang Hui-Ming,
commissioned for MR


John Lied, Poetry by Barry Wallenstein

Lugging Vegetables to Nantuckett,
Poetry by Peter Klappert

Doctor Sifer, Fiction by Miriam Goldman

Memos on Biafra, Poetry by Sonia Raiziss

For Andrei Voznesensky, Poetry by Michael Goldman

The Apllonian Way, Fiction by Marcie Miller Stadelhofen

The Confessions of Persephone, Poetry by Fanny Howe

Theo's Girl, Fiction by Nancy Willard

The Terns; With Angels; A Mother's Dream,
Poetry by Dennis Saleh

MR Poetry Signature Series #4: Good Times,
Poetry by Lucille Clifton

The Dream of Being Possessed and Possessing,
Non-Fiction by Millicent Bell

Joey, Dreaming, Poetry by William R. Slaughter

A Note to Camillo Cela, Poetry by Jane Lunin Tokarz

The Gap, Drama by Eugene Ionesco,
Translated by Rosette Lamont

An Interview with Eugene Ionesco,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

Theatre Chronicle: Fall 1968,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

Home, Poetry by Gerard A. Mulligan

Learning My Obligations: A Poem for My Children;
What You Want You Have to Steal, Poetry by Samuel Kaplan

The Bather, Poetry by Myron Turner

Observer: Gone to Korea, Non-Fiction by Samuel Eisenstein

Reveille, Poetry by Joyce McGaughey Powell

Boy Sleeping at the County Fair, Poetry by Will Stubbs

In Review: A Key to the Black Experience in America,
Non-Fiction by Bernard W. Bell

In Review: Bellow: Logic's Limits,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

In Review: Wordsworth: Letters and Life,
Non-Fiction by William W. Heath

In Review: The Edwardians: An Overview,
Non-Fiction by Helen H. Vendler

In Review: Jean-Jacques,
Non-Fiction by Frank L. Kidner, Jr.

In Review: Pei's Histoire D'Histoire,
Non-Fiction by Donald C. Freeman

In Review: In Praise of Excellence,
Non-Fiction by John Unterecker

T.S. Eliot, Covert Art by Leonard Baskin for MR


Civil Disobedience in a Constitutional Democracy, Non-Fiction by Marshall Cohen

The Hands of the Man with the Red Beard,
Poetry by Phyllis Thompson

Zibbie, Poetry by Robert Bagg

Damp Cashmere, Poetry by Robert Bagg

The Cave is Full of Soldiers,
Fiction by John J. Clayton

Social Criticism and Illusions of the Open Society,
Non-Fiction by Peter Clecak

Apology, Poetry by John N. Miller

The Innocence of Oedipus and the Nature of Tragedy,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Gould

Art as Confrontation: The Black Man in the Work of
Géricault, Art by Theodore Géricault, commentary
by Klaus Berger and DIane Chalmers Johnson

Black Jazz Artists: the Dark Side of Horatio Alger,
Non-Fiction by Frederick W. Turner, III

Storm, Poetry by Fred Berry

Survival in Discontinuity: Virginia Woolf's Between the
Acts, Non-Fiction by Renee Watkins

More Notes from a Dark Street,
Poetry by Michael D. Lally

Once, Poetry by Michael D. Lally

Bare Trees, White Chickens; Three Acts: A Scene,
Poetry by Frank Sauers

In Mem.: Mac; Runaway,
Poetry by Richard Dankleff

In Review: Jasper and the Great Philosophers,
Non-Fiction by Leonard H. Ehrlich

In Review: Angus Wilson's No Laughing Matter,
Non-Fiction by Jay L. Halio

In Review: Dylan Thomas' Notebooks and Letters,
Non-Fiction by J.D. O'Hara

In Review: A Descriptive Approach to Mahler,
Non-Fiction by Henry A. Lea

Witness: On Being Absurd!,
Non-Fiction by J.S. Bixler

Negro heads, Front and Back Cover Art
by Theodore Géricault


Teaching Literature in a Discredited Civilization, Non-Fiction by Allen Grossman

A Burgher of Ashes, Poetry by Ralph Salisbury

Central H.S. '52, Poetry by Paul Nelson

Hello, Hello Henry, Poetry by Maxine Kumin

Shmatte, or Father Abraham, Fiction by L.S. Simckes

The Island; Chestnut Picking, Poetry by John Clarke

Digging, Poetry by William Aiken

Third Day, Poetry by Dallas M. Lemmon, Jr.

Silence, Revolution, and Consciousness,
Non-Fiction by Ihab Hassan

You, Clark Gable, Poetry by Rick DeMarinis

Riber's Holy Family, Poetry by Rick DeMarinis

Thurman Dreaming in Right Field, Poetry by Paul Zimmer

Julian, Fiction by Juan Jose Hernandez,
Translated by H.E. Francis

The Man Defines His Relation to Sylvia,
Poetry by George Chambers

Tumescences, Remembrances, Poetry by Elisavietta Ritchie

Black Mutiny on the Amistad, Art by William H. Townsend,
including a facsimile of A History of Amistad Captives
(1840), and explanatory notes by Sidney Kaplan

The Photo, Poetry by L. Bruce

Cats, Poetry by Richard D. Hathaway

N.O. Brown and the Future of Man,
Non-Fiction by Richard Noland

Rendezvous in the Forest, Poetry by Paul Smyth

The Pope's Right Knee, Drama by Robert Bagg

Theatre Chronicle: Winter-Spring 1969,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

Summer's End, Poetry by Richard R. O'Keefe

Witness: Something of a Memoir,
Non-Fiction by George V. Higgins

Dragonflies, Poetry by Bernard Louis De Koven

In Review: New Black Playwrights,
Non-Fiction by Doris Abramson

In Review: Singer's Contraries,
Non-Fiction by Irving Malin

In Review: A Net of Revelations: Frank O'Connor,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

In Review: Roman Writers for Modern Readers,
Non-Fiction by James A. Freeman

Barreling the Moon, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


On Income Tax Refusal,
Poetry by William Whitman

Something Dirty You Could Keep,
Fiction by George V. Higgins

The Satirical Rogue Again,
Non-Fiction by Robert Francis

Cuban Notes, Non-Fiction by Lisa Peattie

Jim Hill Mustard, Poetry by Carol Ely Harper

The Yukon Flows North, Poetry by Alberta Turner

Aspirin, Fiction by Steve Barthelme

MR Poetry Signature #5: Deasil & Widdershins,
Poetry by Robert Kelly

Directions in Black Studies: A Political Perspective,
Non-Fiction by Mike Thelwell

Directions in Black Studies: Purpose and Program,
Non-Fiction by The Institute of the Black World,
The Institute of the Black World, Martin Luther King, Jr.
Memorial Center, Statement of Purpose and Program, Fall, 1969.

Directions in Black Studies: Anatomy of the
Black Studies Movement, Non-Fiction by Martin Kilson

Directions in Black Studies: Letter,
Non-Fiction by Harold Cruse

Directions in Black Studies: Questions and Answers,
Non-Fiction by Nathan Hare

Directions in Black Studies: Meaningful Black Experience
on White Campuses, Non-Fiction by William J. Wilson

Directions in Black Studies: Contours of Black Studies,
Non-Fiction by Sterling Stuckey

Two Together; Turtle Climbing from a Rock, Poetry by
Robert Bly, with woodcuts by Wang Hui-Ming

Ashes, Fiction by Ian MacMillan

Harriet Tubman; My Mother; Lord, While I Sow,
Poetry by Samuel Cornish

Greece: Last Year's Referendum,
Non-Fiction by Benjamin Brandreth

After Lunch: Kerouac's Death Over the Teletype,
Poetry by Steven Osterlund

Witness: Teaching in Grand Bassam,
Non-Fiction by Efrem Sigel

Letter from Africa, Non-Fiction by Trevor N.W. Bush

In Review: Women: The Blurred Vision,
Non-Fiction by Muriel Haynes

In Review: Anthony Powell's Serious Comedy,
Non-Fiction by William H. Pritchard

In Review: Assessments of Juxley,
Non-Fiction by Jerome Meckier

In Review: On Movie Directors,
Non-Fiction by Norman Silverstein

In Review: The Man from New York,
Non-Fiction by Francis Murphy

Advice to a Draftee, Non-Fiction by Leo Tolstoy,
inside gate fold cover. This letter was written by
Tolstoy in answer to a request for advice from Ernest
Schramm, a young Hessian student and prospective teacher.
The letter, originially in German, was translated by Rodney Harris.

#28 from The Nazi Drawings, Cover Art by Mauricio Lasansky

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