Current Issue


Introduction, by Jim Hicks

What the Tree Said and A River in Egypt, two poems by Chase Twichell

Why I Get Lost, an essay by Vince Granata

Silence, a poem by Gerald Stern

The Christian Girl, a story by Edie Meidav

Mennonite Forest, a story by Terese Svoboda

Blur, a poem by Doug Ramspeck

Igloo, a poem by Owen McLeod

Shipwreck with Painting, a story by Daniele Del Giudice, translation by Anne Milano Appel

Feed, a poem by Laura McCullough

The American Dream Writes to Orpheus, a poem by Cynthia Dewi Oka

COBRA, paintings by Jacqueline De Jong

Flourishing, a poem by Joy Ladin

Oranges, a story by David Zellnik

Of No Consequence, a poem by William Fargason

Runner, a story by Tom Cantwell

Deconstruct and Peanuts, two poems by Ruth Madievsky

Godsblood, a poem by Matthew Westbrook

Anna’s House, a story by Mhani Alaoui

Subject Subject, an essay by Ben Dolan

Zero Gravity, a poem by Peter Leight

This is Autumn, My Dear. Talking with Yunna Morits, an essay by Philip Metres

Nocturne, a poem by Adam Dressler

The Unprotected Females of the Women’s Rest Tour Association, an essay by Jodie Noel Vinson

What They Were, a story by Jane Gillette

Music. At Elmwood Men’s Correctional Facility, a poem by Casey FitzSimons

Auroras, a poem by L.A. Johnson

Data Driven, a story by Jeannie Tseng

The Short Happy Life, a story by Steffan Hruby

paper cone, a poem by Ulrike Draesner, translation by Bernadette Geyer