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   Academic Unfreedom, Unacademic Freedom,
     part one of an esssay by Adam Sitze

   The Sacrament of Penance and Actual Rapture,
     poems by Marty McConnell

   from Players, stories by Lauren Marie Schmidt

   Song about Another Man’s Kids,
     a story by Kwame Opoku-Duku

   Human Pageant, a poem by Mark Irwin

   Prospects for Survival, an essay by Noam Chomsky

   Sagittarius A*, a novel excerpt by Giacomo Sartori,
translated by Frederika Randall

   The Lords of Time, Ministry, and Education,
     poems by Katie Farris

   Just a Minute, a story by Monica Pareschi,
     translated by Elizabeth Harris

   The Future (of) Sacco and Vanzetti,
an essay by Fabio Deotto and Giorgio Fontana

   I Now Pronounce You Dead, a poem by Martín Espada

   Like Horses Asleep on Their Feet, nonfiction by Paolo Rumiz,
     translated by Gregory Conti

   The Purity Instinct, a poem by Joanne Diaz

   A Conversation between Ilan Stavans and Barry Moser

 Beauty, Truth

   The Day I Met the Hanged Man, a poem by Henry Israeli

   To the Nicaraguan Poet Francisco Valle . . . ,
  a poem by Carlos Martínez Rivas,
     translated by Carlos F. Grigsby

   Camus, The First Man, the Last Book,
      an essay by Assia Djebar,
     translated by Kathryn Lachman

   A Defense of the Artist-Critic,
     part one of an essay by Patrick Thomas Henry

   Sonnet with Ghost Writer and Syringe,
     a poem by Robert Thomas

   The United States: An Introduction, a poem by Maya Pindyck

   You Are the Phenomenology, an essay by Timothy O’Keefe

   Daily Tangles, art byTracey Physioc Brockett

   What We Never Were, a story by Margarita García Robayo,
     translated by Will Morningstar

   Suppose the Function Is Praise, a poem by Cate Lycurgus

   The Orphanage in Kabul, an essay by Robin Fasano

   Reincarnations of Rabia Balkhi, a poem by Elizabeth Lemieux

   A crumbling infrastructure and Clichés are clichés
     for a reason, poems by John Emil Vincent

   The Disaster March, a story by Matthew Fiander

   Why Write About It, a poem by Susannah Sheffer

   Academic Unfreedom, Unacademic Freedom,
     part two of an essay by Adam Sitze

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