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from Here Be Sirens, an opera in one act by Kate Soper

Lips, a poem by Gerald Stern,

            What to Take, a poem by Barbara Ras

            The Bugler Responds to Mary, a poem by Rebecca Foust

            Bird Song, a poem by Tony Eprile

            Without Night-Shoes, a poem by Jane Hirshfield

from Caetano Veloso, Walking into the Wind,
  nonfiction by Igiaba Scego,
  translated by Frederika Randall

           Mezzo, a poem by Tanya Grae

           Muzak, a poem by Carol Potter

           Loss, a poem by Roger Greenwald

Paul Robeson Sings America,
  nonfiction by Shana Redmond

from The Last Bohemian of Avenue A,
  a poem by Yusef Komunyakaa

The Coming of John, an essay by John H. Bracey Jr.

Things in the Form of a Prayer in the Form of a Wail,
  an essay by Matt Donovan

The Blues: Where Love Ends Badly,
  an essay by Gerald Williams

           The Romantic Mode, a poem by Jen Jabaily-Blackburn

           Then Elvis Drops to One Knee, a poem by David Kirby

            Variable, a poem by Mary Peelen

from The Voice Imitator,
  art by Anna Schuleit Haber and Yotam Haber


           [untitled] and Marvin Gaye Sings the
              National Anthem, 1983, poems by Bruce Smith

           Desert Suite #5: Cactus Music,
             a poem by Kimberly White

           In their own time, a poem by Casey FitzSimons

           National Anthem, a poem by Ilya Kaminsky

from Radio Imagination, a novel excerpt by Seiko Ito,
  translated by Hart Larrabee

           Cloud Hands, a poem by Arthur Sze

           Randy Weston’s African Rhythms, the Day After,
             a poem by Randall Horton

           Found Music, a poem by T.J. McLemore

           Ornithology, a poem by Peter Fiore

           Goldberg Variations, a poem by Jim Whiteside

from The Scarlet Professor, a libretto by Harley Erdman

           Charles Ives at the Spinet, a poem by Donald Revell

           Music in the Kingdom of the Heart,
             a poem by Laura McCullough

           Dear Enya and Dear Sinéad, a poem by Abe Louise Young

           Twilight on Kool Darkness, a poem by Bonita Lee Penn

           Bassoon, a poem by Ken Waldman

from Perfect Pitch, nonfiction by Marcelo Cohen,
  translated by Judith Filc

Silent Swan, a poetry comic by Bianca Stone,
  with text by Ben Pease

Fantaisie Impromptu, nonfiction by Chen Li,
  translated by Ting Wang


           The Page Turner, a poem by Amanda Anastasi

           The Fidelity of Music, a poem by Geffrey Davis

           Trying to Write Music Poem, a poem by Diamond Forde

           My Crying Towel, a poem by Laura Kasischke

           Music from a Farther Room,
             a poem by Gary J. Whitehead

For a Fistful of Sitars, an essay by Gabriele Ferraris,
  translated by Laurence de Richemont

Race Music and Interview with Berry Gordy,
  poems by Meredith Nnoka

 from This Side of the Sea, nonfiction by Gianmaria Testa,
  translated by Jim Hicks

           The Rolling Deep, a poem by Anne Marie Macari

           Country Music II, a poem by Helen Wickes

           Song of Eleven Consonants and Thirteen Vowels,
             for G. Stein, a poem by Katie Farris

           Poetic Art, a poem by Paul Verlaine,
             translated by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

           Mozart’s Magic Coach, a poem by Slavko Mihalić,
             translated by Dasha C. Nisula

Mozart’s Starling, an essay by Leslie Stainton

The Tabla Player, a story by Farah Ahamed


Old Folks’ Singing and Utopia, an essay by Tim Eriksen

           Crypto-Animist Introvert Activism,
             a poem by Brenda Hillman

Writing the Life of the Concert Promoter,
  an essay by Steve Waksman

Saved by Soul, an essay by Rashod Ollison

For Adrienne, an essay by Julia Conrad

           The Persistence of Music, a poem by A. Molotkov

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