Front cover:
  Barry Moser
  Macbeth from Tales from Shakespeare 2003
  Courtesy of the artist

   THIS IS NOT a special issue. We did not send out a call for
   submissions, we hadn’t settled on any particular theme,
   chosen any single burning question, field, or village, we
   hadn’t even agreed as yet on our line of response. . . .

   Academic Unfreedom, Unacademic Freedom,
part one of an esssay by Adam Sitze
On March 2, 2017, the American Enterprise Institute political
   scientist Charles Murray stood behind a podium at
   Middlebury College. Because his coauthored The Bell Curve
   (1994) ad lent support to the notion of genetically
   determined racial inferiority, a significant number of
   Middlebury College students and faculty already had
   concluded that Murray was an unwelcome presence . . .

   Song about Another Man’s Kids,
     a story by Kwame Opoku-Duku

   My brother Terrence came by to see me the night I came
   home. He asked me about Grandma’s funeral, about the
   food and the weather, about who would take over her
   house and her dogs, if I found any pictures of us
   as children there. . .

   Human Pageant, a poem by Mark Irwin
   If I could make language simpler I would.
   Language says that each word equals something
   else, but that’s not true. If I could make
   language simpler, I would make an invisible
   equals sign that extends through each of us . . .

   Prospects for Survival, an essay by Noam Chomsky
   Like it or not, we happen to be living in the most
   extraordinary period of human history.
   In recent years, humans have constructed two huge
   sledgehammers poised to destroy us, with others waiting
   in the wings. . . .

   Sagittarius A*, a novel excerpt by Giacomo Sartori,
translated by Frederika Randall

   I am god. Have been forever, will be forever. Forever, mind
   you, with the razor-sharp glint of a diamond, and without
   any counterpart in the languages of men. When a man says
   I’ll love you forever everyone knows that forever is a frail and
   flimsy speck of straw in the wind. . .

   Just a Minute, a story by Monica Pareschi,
     translated by Elizabeth Harris

   I was lost in thought, nothing good or bad, when a body
   landed in my lap. A body not much larger than my own, and
   under its winter coat, I could feel it, warm and soft,
   wrapped in the camphor smell of old wool. . . .

   The Future (of) Sacco and Vanzetti,
an essay by Fabio Deotto and Giorgio Fontana
   On August 28, 1927, after a funeral that had gathered a huge
   crowd under a torrential rain, the corpses of Ferdinando
   Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were transferred to the
   Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston. . .

   To the Nicaraguan Poet Francisco Valle . . . ,
  a poem by Carlos Martínez Rivas,
     translated by Carlos F. Grigsby

   It’s not indispensable, poet, that you write it.
   Your elegy.
   You won’t help her die by doing so.
   You won’t bury her more.
   If anything you’ll unearth her. A foot
   among clods of humus in the Wax Museum. . .

    Academic Unfreedom, Unacademic Freedom,
     part two of an essay by Adam Sitze

   On March 6, at a moment when commentaries on the
   Middlebury affair had reached fever pitch, around a
   third of the Middlebury faculty signed and endorsed
   a document called “Free Inquiry on Campus: A
   Statement of Principles by over One Hundred Middlebury
   College Professors,” which was published the next day
   in the Wall Street Journal. . .