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Working Titles Author Jenn Dean Wins 2018 John Burroughs Nature Essay Award

We are thrilled to announce that Jenn Dean, author of Working Titles 2.4, THE KEEPERS OF THE GHOST BIRD, has won the 2018 John Burroughs Association Award for Best Nature Essay for this work. 

As the Association notes, in THE KEEPERS, "Jenn Dean intertwines human history and natural history. Her selection from historical documents makes it seem as if she were present in the past, describing what she alone can see. Dean's style is mesmerizing, from her use of inventive metaphors to what can only be called an 'exciting' choice of verbs. She is sensitive to the rhythm of paragraphs, culminating in one case with a one-sentence paragraph that contains the whole history of the Bermuda in: 'The only wilderness left in Bermuda is the sea.'"

Learn more about THE KEEPERS OF THE GHOST BIRD, and read an excerpt of this amazing essay. 


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