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Volume 60, Issue 2

Front Cover by Kate Durbin, Unfriend Me Now!, 2018. STILL FROM 3-CHANNEL VERSION OF UNFRIEND ME NOW! (c) Kate Durbin.
Courtesy of the artist.

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Our Pushcart Prize Nominations

The Massachusetts Review is thrilled to announce our nominations for the 2019 Pushcart Prize. We're grateful for how much amazing work we recieve, and proud to have published such wonderful poetry and prose. 


"The Blood and the Lamb" by Emma Bolden 
  (Vol. 59, Issue 3, Fall 2018)

"Invasive Species" by Amit Majmudar 
  (Vol. 59, Issue 4, Winter 2018)


"RE: Your Recent Application to Our Group", a story by Charles Yu
  (Vol. 59, Issue 4, Winter 2018)

"Soma", a story by Kenan Orhan
  (Vol. 59, Issue 1, Spring 2018)

"Parade", a story by Laura Willwerth
  (Vol. 59, Issue 3, Fall 2018)


"'Come See Us at Kolyna'", an essay by Genevieve Piron, translated by Jay Milton
  (Vol. 59, Issue 2, Summer 2018)

Congratulations and fingers crossed to our writers!

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