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Volume 52, Issue 4


Table of Contents

Introduction, by Kevin Bowen and Jim Hicks

“Here is what the mind does,” a poem by Fred Marchant

A Poem about War, a poem by Gheysar Aminpoor, translated by Maryam Ghodrati

Liberation Square, an essay by Juan Goytisolo,
translated by Peter Bush

Horses, a poem by Brian Turner

Endangered, a story by Eduardo Halfon,
translated by Anne McLean

Down to the Crossroads: An Iraq War Story,
an essay by Charles M. Sennott,
photographs by Richard Sennott 

from Love in a Time of War,
poems by Yusef Komunayakaa

from Soviet Computer, an essay by Semezdin Mehmedinović,
translated by Una Tanović

Two Soldiers, Two Tours, Two Countries,
Two Wars, oral histories by Elise Tripp

I Was There, a poem by Fady Joudah

Beirut, August 1982, a poem by Ghassan Zaqtan,
translated by Fady Joudah

Your Village, a poem by Elana Bell

Portfolio, visual art by Dan Witz, Michelle Dizon,
Anna Schuleit, Sarah Bliss, and Faith Wilding

Walk with Us, a story by Askold Melnyczuk

Something Like a Soul, an essay by Doug Anderson

Last Love, a story by Deena Linett

Black October, Bloody Sunday,
an essay by Jen Marlowe

Home/Front, a poem by Philip Metres

Tomorrow, a poem by Christopher Merrill

Old Men and Their Grandchildren,
a story by Dubravka Ugrešić,
translated by Celia Hawkesworth

Collective Memory in Action (and in Motion),
an essay by Nora Strejilevich

from Sloboština Barbie, a novel by Maša Kolanović,
translated by Andrea Milanko and Ulvija Tanović

Air Aria, a poem by Philip Metres

from The Day before Happiness,
a novel by Erri De Luca, translated by Michael Moore

A Man, a story by Evelio Rosero,
translated by Anne McLean and Anna Milsom

Faces and Names, an essay by Tracy Wilkinson

Street Smarts, an essay by Taylor Stoehr

Telemetry, a poem by Laren McClung

They Steal Your Sweat, an essay by David Rabe

A Postcard from the Underworld,
a poem by Sinan Antoon

Scenes from an Illicit War,
an illustrated essay by Josh Neufeld and Martha Rosler

One Message Leading to Another,
an essay by John Berger

Not Going to Hanoi, a poem by Sam Hamill

White Magic for Gioviano, an essay by Ruth Kennedy,
introduction by Martin Antonetti, afterword by Nina Antonetti

Singing Grass, a story by Ly Lan,
translated by Ly Lan and Kevin Bowen

from La Grande, a novel by Juan José Saer,
translated by Steve Dolph

My Manhattan, When I Got Down to the Burning,
and You with Me inside You, poems by Robert Dow

War Chatter: Collage, an essay by Donald Anderson

[white paper #8], a poem by Martha Collins

from The Unintended, a novel by Gina Apostol

Quitter’s Rose, a poem by Fred Marchant

None of Us Belonged There, an oral history by Dick Hughes
and Christian G. Appy

Mea Leah, a collective remembrance by Mary Kay Magistad,
Mila Rosenthal, Boreth Sun, David Rohde, Chris Gunness,
and Kofi Annan

Trauma Market, a poem by Adisa Bašić,
translated by Una Tanović

In Harm’s Way: Brain Injuries in War,
an essay by Susan R. Barry

Excerpts from a Journal for English 183,
an essay by Matthew Thompson

Continuum, a poem by Jack Haley

Copley Square Blues, a poem by Roy Scranton

The Morally Injured, an essay by Tyler Boudreau

After the War, a poem by Christine Dumaine Leche

Gulf War: Portrait of the Artist as a Refugee,
an essay by Wafaa Bilal and Kari Lydersen,
with art by Summer McClinton


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