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Volume 54, Issue 2



"So A 'Feared Of" See Also

By Thomas Sayers Ellis


Ode to the Great Wall

By Neruda Pablo

Table of Contents

Introduction, by Jim Hicks                 

Ode to the Great Wall in the Fog, a poem by Pablo Neruda, translated from Spanish by Ilan Stavans

The Transparency of Evil, a story by Francesc Serés,
translated from Catalan by Peter Bush

Culmitzsch, a poem by Lutz Seiler,
translated from German by Alexander Booth

San Luis el Brujo, Part One, a story by Gary Amdahl

History and Myth, a poem by Shara McCallum

The Goat, a poem by Michael Bazzett

“So A’Feared Of” See Also,
photographs by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Who are not, but could be, an essay by Kelly Clancy

What a Woman Knows, a poem by David Thacker

The Kulak’s Son, a novel excerpt from Ron Kubati,
translated from Italian by Yvonne Freccero

The Arc of Memory and the Arc of Justice,
an essay by Max Page

Tears in Reverse, a poem by Marianne Boruch

Rise Up, Beloved, a story by John Goulet

The Selected Works of Alessandro Pope,
a story by Elvis Bego

As the Fool, a poem by Matthew Reed Corey

Fires, Ashes, Forgetfulness and Beauty Untamed,
poems and essays by Juan Goytisolo,
translated from Spanish by Peter Bush

Hand in Glove, a story by Vedran Husić

Morning Rituals, a poem by Nora Hickey

Plenty, a story by Katherine L. Hester

Holes, a poem by Judith Berke

Jack and the Skunk, a story by Jessica Scalise

The Bargain, a poem by Nathaniel Bellows

Night Man, nonfiction by Bill Pitts

Pig on Grass, a story by Kim T’ae-yong,
translated from Korean by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton

Ode to Ironing, a poem by Pablo Neruda,
translated from Spanish by Ilan Stavans


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