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Volume 56, Issue 1


Table of Contents


First Instrument, a poem by Thomas Devaney

Other people’s stories . . . ? Why do you want them?,
  a story by Mark Jay Mirsky

Artifact Hotel, a poem by Ted Mathys

One from Begur, a story by Josep Pla,
translated by Peter Bush

Last Minutes,  a poem by Raul Zurita,
  translated by Ilan Stavans

Provincetown and The Drowned Man,
  poems by Alison Hawthorne Deming

Zapata Vive, La Lucha Sigue, a story by James W. Foley

Douze: Opening Pages,
  a novel excerpt by Myriam J.A. Chancy

Palisades, a story by Allison Kade

Collected Olive Pitts from the Diaries of Strangers,
  four stories by Rafik Schami,
  translated by Kristina Kalpaxis

from The Notion of Family,
  photographs by Latoya Ruby Frazier

Insurgency,  a poem by Sarah Holland-Batt

Like Victorian Women and Angel and I are
  both great pretenders, poems by Natalie Scenters-Zapico

Because the world has its own version of solace,
 a poem by Amy Dryansky

The Boyfriend Experience, a story by Ken Harvey

Wyoming, a poem by Christopher Howell

Rome,  a story by Nicholas Montemarano

Changing Shirts in the Car, a poem by Evan Beaty

Other Adam, a poem by John James

To the Women I Secretly Want,  a poem by Marc Tretin

Always Ruining, a story by Laura Willwerth

This is a Test of the System,
  a story by Thomas Israel Hopkins

Passeri, a poem by Matthew Miniucci

The Translator, an essay by Efin Etkind,
translated by Jane Bugaeva

The Train, a poem by Tsvetanka Elenkova,
  translated by Jonathan Dunne
Aubades 1-4, poems by L. M. Myers

The Boy Who Would Be Oloye,
a story by Maurice Carlos Ruffin

One of Us Us Sleeping and Days in the Summerhouse,
stories by Josefine Klougart, translated by Alexander Weinstein

Seventy, a poem by Doug Anderson

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