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 Luke Jaeger                                                  Thomas Sayers Ellis
 1978 (Ladies and Gentlemen...)                    "So A'feared of" See Also
From Volume 46, Issue 1                              From Volume 54, Issue 2

 Juan Goytisolo                                           LaToya Ruby Frazier
 Translated by Peter Bush                            From The Notion of Family
 Fire, ashes, forgetfulness
 From Volume 52, Issue 2             

 Thomas Sayers Ellis                                      Anna Schuleit Haber
 Excerpts from "Crank-Shaped Notes"             Just a Rumor
 From Volume 54, Issue 3                          
   From Volume 51, Issue 4                   

 Laylah Ali and Allen Isaac                          Barry Moser
 Here Comes the Kiss                                  Portraits
 From Volume 49, Issue 1 & 2                     From Volume 49, Issue 3

 James Tate                                                 James Haug
 Nine Poems                                                 Cuba Hill Diary

 From Volume 53, Issue 4                              Volume 55, Issue 1

 Mira Bartok                                                Rabea Ballin
 Alternate Endings                                        Drawings and Prints

 From Volume 55, Issue 1.                                  From Volume 55, Issue 2. 

 Jack Spicer
 For Major General Abner Doubleday
 From Volume 52, Issue 2