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The Legacy of Jules Chametzky

- By Jim Hicks

In this full-day event, the morning session focused on collective commemoration of the life of Jules Chametzky--the teacher, mentor, scholar, family man, and activist. The proceedings open with a poem written for the occasion, read by its author, Martín Espada. Memories from family members follow, and then those of friends. The morning concludes with a talk on "Black Reparations, Present and Future," by William A. Darity--a subject that Jules spoke about often.



More than Märzen: Limericks on German Beers

- By Marsha Bryant

O Germany, thank you for beer
That we relish this time of the year.
A Sober October?
My dears, that’s a Noper
With so many brews to revere!

Oktoberfest Märzens are fine,
As are Festbiers if you’re so inclined.
Yet there’s more than these styles
For us Germanophiles—
And for you I have sampled these kinds.

Foam-headed, light-bodied, and dark
Is this Erdinger Dunkel. Remark-
ably crushable brew
For the chocolate brown hue,
A sweet finish and wheat give it spark.

This Weihenstephaner, an amber
And hazy Hefeweissbier—enjamber
Of banana smooth
And a cidery groove!
It’s delightfully Dunkel, a...


10 Questions for J Brooke

- By Edward Clifford

When the kids are younger, here is what I glean from weekly sessions with a therapist: There is a difference between anxiety and trauma. Had I not found Emi on one of those nights, and had she gone off with one of the random older men who hung out after midnight in front of the 7-11, she might have been raped. Or killed. Or a combination.
—from "Tanker," Volume 63, Issue 3 (Fall 2022)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
The undergraduate college I attended didn’t have a creative writing major at the time, so my first piece was a novella created during a yearlong independent study with a professor at the neighboring college in satisfaction of my senior thesis. Loosely based on my...

Working Titles Excerpts

Roe:Telling the Tale

- By Joyce Avrech Berkman

BEFORE MY HUSBAND, Len Berkman, and I married in September 1962, we spent the summer of that year in my hometown, San Jose, California. While working as a reporter for the Milpitas Post on the outskirts of San Jose, Lenny met Patricia Theresa “Pat” Maginnis. Pat offered night classes in English to poor and exploited Mexican farm workers, but she had another and related focus for her energies as well. In 1961, as a San Francisco medical technician, she founded the Society for Humane Abortion in California (SHA), the first organized movement in the United States to call for the repeal of all laws banning abortion. Previous resistance movements, grounded in the concept of therapeutic abortion, proposed to reform those laws by setting up medical review committees to review...

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