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10 Questions for Trey Moody

- By Marissa Perez

I realize my daughter just turned seven and doesn't know
I was seven when my mother crept into my carpeted room
while I played a video game to say my father, who had been
far away taking fluids from tubes in a California hospital,
has died.
—from "Scrubbing the Skillet", Volume 62, Issue 2 (Spring 2021)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
In fifth grade I wrote a poem for someone I liked who was wearing braces, and the poem rhymed “braces” with “golden laces.” (My first memory of letting form dictate content for the worse.) I’m not sure why I decided to write a poem in the first place—I don’t come from a literary household. While I can’t...


(Not Quite) 10 Questions for Rebecca Kaiser Gibson

- By Marissa Perez

Cigarette smoke wove
into my curls, right through 100%
madras from India, breathed blue-tinged, dizzy blue
through every alveolus,
as my mother lurched the car
down Wisonsin Ave., jamming gas
and brake pedals, tilting—
—from “Osmosis,” Volume 62, Issue 2 (Summer 2021)

We asked Rebecca Kaiser Gibson the same 10 Questions we ask our other contributors. She responded with the following interview.

First Pieces:
I have no idea what impelled me to write a secret message poem to cinnamon (the scent) and roll it into a scroll I could fit inside the empty spice jar that had contained it. Now I can’t remember the poem at all, only the sudden clarity of intention that...


10 Questions for Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

- By Marissa Perez

I am singing about the undone things cited on buried bones.
I am singing them because I like to imagine a valley with a library on it.
A library with catalogues that don’t always read, sorry for the losses.
I like to imagine a lot of things but death.
I am familiar with how each moment
outweighs the knowledge that appears close by.
—from “Monochrome Photo with Fragments in a Closet,” Volume 62, Issue 2 (Summer 2021)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
It’s years ago now, but I first began as a short story writer. And the first piece I wrote, I remember, was a story after Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan. I laugh anytime I remember it. This is because, then,...


10 Questions for Uma Menon

- By Edward Clifford

My first instinct is to translate
the word. Make it easier to understand
without saying the word itself.
I feel guikt for this mistake—
for changing languages instead
of describing. Isn't this an easy way out?
—from "We Play Charades," Volume 62, Issue 1 (Spring 2021)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
I imagined my first poems and stories at a very young age, before I actually knew how to write in English. I would narrate poems to my mother about all kinds of things—everything from a coin to the moon—and she would write them down in a small diary which, to this day, sits in her desk.

What writer(s) or works have influenced the way you write now?...


10 Questions for Andrew Hemmert

- By Marissa Perez

But this I aspire to—
how to do a job well
even if it fights you beak and wing.
How to carry the delicate,
difficult thing
wherever it needs to go.
—from “The Owl Catcher’s Son,” Vol 62, Issue 2 (Summer 2021)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
In Tampa, near where I went to college, there’s an older roadside attraction off I-4 called Dinosaur World. It’s a park, essentially, full of ferns and vine-covered oaks and anole lizards. The main features, of course, are the plaster, often life-size models of dinosaurs staged along the walking paths. The dinosaurs are majestically ugly, and many of them are anatomically incorrect according to current...

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