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Double-Digit 6-Pack: A Holiday Brew Review


Why settle for a beer cocktail when you can enjoy a boozy beer?

As the holidays come round again
And you gather with family and friends,
Boozy beers make us merry
With malt, chocolate, cherry,
And spice. Here are six I commend.

For a booze-infused brew you’ll repeat,
Try this toffee-hued ale for a treat.
From oak barrels it comes
To dispel the doldrums,
Dragon’s Milk: strong, yet caramel-sweet.

From Left Hand, this Imperial Stout
Is what blissfully boozy’s about.
Though it’s called Wake Up Dead,
You’ll feel festive instead
And start toasting in sweet roasty bouts.

Dessert in a glass? Well, why...


More than Märzen: Limericks on German Beers

- By Marsha Bryant

O Germany, thank you for beer
That we relish this time of the year.
A Sober October?
My dears, that’s a Noper
With so many brews to revere!

Oktoberfest Märzens are fine,
As are Festbiers if you’re so inclined.
Yet there’s more than these styles
For us Germanophiles—
And for you I have sampled these kinds.

Foam-headed, light-bodied, and dark
Is this Erdinger Dunkel. Remark-
ably crushable brew
For the chocolate brown hue,
A sweet finish and wheat give it spark.

This Weihenstephaner, an amber
And hazy Hefeweissbier—enjamber
Of banana smooth
And a cidery groove!
It’s delightfully Dunkel, a...


Back2School Brews

- By Marsha Bryant

Are you ready to go back to school?
Are you ready to follow the rules?
Fall semester draws near—
Why not reach for a beer
To ease into your schedule? Stay cool!

Whether teacher or parent or student-
of-age, don’t you’d think ‘twould be prudent
To stock beer in your fridge
That can serve as a bridge
As your summer pursuits are concludent?

Here’s a 4-pack to help you transition
To grading, reminding, cognition.
There’s variety here
That can bring you some cheer.
Try these recs from an academician.



You won’t be just a brick in the wall
With this Bellaire Brown ale, for it’s mal-
ty, yet robustly so:


Meaning in a World Without Hope

- By Helen McColpin

Moldy Strawberries is an inspiring exercise in hopelessness and futility. Caio Fernando Abreu’s short story collection, translated from Portuguese by Bruna Dantas Lobato, serves as a coming to terms with life under a repressive government, life without a brighter future. Abreu wrote in Brazil in the 1980s, through the country’s twenty-one-year military dictatorship. His queer, countercultural writing made him a frequent target for censorship by the Brazilian government, yet Abreu’s writing ultimately prevailed, making him a cultural icon nonetheless. He died in 1996, two years after testing positive for HIV....


Recuperating a Legacy: 32 Poems/ 32 Poemas by Hyam Plutzik

- By Aitor Bouso Gavín

Hyam Plutzik's 32 Poems/ 32 Poemas (Suburbano Ediciones, 2022)

32 Poems/ 32 Poemas (2021) is a fully bilingual (Spanish and English) collection of selected poems by the twentieth-century American poet Hyam Plutzik (1911-1962). The three-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in poetry was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Jewish immigrant parents from Belarus. Plutzik, who was a Professor of English at the University of Rochester until his premature death in 1962, grew up in a non-anglophone household, where Russian, Hebrew, and Yiddish were the languages spoken. Plutzik did not learn English until he attended grammar school in a schoolhouse in Connecticut. His...

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