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10 Questions for Aliyeh Ataei

- By Franchesca Viaud

She was considered beautiful in the eyes of the common man, but she believed her womanly seduction outweighed her beauty. Yet she would feel guilty as soon as she turned on her charm. First she would pretend she had done nothing wrong, but then she would be gripped by the cardinal sin of being a woman, seeing herself as the prime suspect in all the romantic entanglements in her life. As soon as she was arrested at her father-in-law's in Birjand, the first and most definitive thing she uttered were the words "I am innocent." 
—from "Ten Minutes," Volume 64, Issue 4 (Winter 2023)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
The first story I ever wrote was about three men sitting down to play cards, with a...

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Woman:Revisited, A Reading

- By Staff

To celebrate the launch of our Woman:Revisited, an issue looking at womanhood and femininity 50 years after MR first published an issue on the theme, we hosted a reading with editor Shailja Patel and Zoe Tuck, and contributors Carole DeSanti and Kayhan Irani.

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