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10 Questions for Olivia Muenz

- By Edward Clifford

cum on in / to my big show / dnt b shy / but dnt look down / wut do you make / of my image
—from "diagnosing," Volume 63, Issue 4 (Winter 2022)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
In second grade, I pasted pictures of flowers I cut out of a magazine into my notebook and wrote a poem for each one. I guess I’ve always been drawn to making series and projects rather than individual pieces and have always liked to engage with other media when writing.

What writer(s) or works have influenced the way you write now?
I think what we’re exposed to, what blows us up, at a relatively young age often impresses us the most because we’ve never encountered anything like it before. When...


10 Questions for Joselia Rebekah Hughes

- By Edward Clifford

In an attempt to escape another 5AM / got sick stayed sick hospital memory / pink coat phlebotomist posed with puncture / a butterfuly needle to draw 4 vacutainers of / hard to pull hard to flow blood jam / in an attempt to point pain
—from "denominator-mandate," Volume 63, Issue 4 (Winter 2022)

What writer(s) or works have influenced the way you write now?
Paul Beatty, Audre Lorde, Nikki Wallschlaeger, Jamaica Kincaid, Lucille Clifton, Toni Cade Bambara, José Luís Peixoto, Zefyr Lisowski, Vanessa Angélica Villareal, Kayla Hamilton, Jorge Luis Borges, Percival Everett, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Charles Yu, Ntozake Shange, Liz Bowen, Gabrielle Octavia Rucker, Marcus Scott Williams, Shannon Finnegan, Ezra Benus, Karel Čapek, Ken Liu,...


Limericks for Saint Patrick’s Day

- By Marsha Bryant



It might take years
To win your heart.
To grab a beer
Would be a start.
--Paul Muldoon

‘Twas in Limerick, Ireland, was born
This rollicking, frolicsome form
That refuses the haughty
(But relishes naughty)
In light, triple rhythms adorned.

On St. Patrick’s Day, let’s turn to Ale
With a triply delicious regal-
ing of tasty dark brews
I’ve selected for you
For this alcoholiday we hail.


Go and taste for the thirst time this classic.
The Extra Stout Guinness is basic:
For its foam, roasted malt,
And its hops hath no fault.


10 Questions for John Newton Webb

- By Edward Clifford

I work
the soil    it echoes with the footsetps of the world
I make my body tremble like a fallen leaf and sink
and I thirst for words of life which may bud in tomorrow's loam
—from "Loam" by Shiki Itsuma, Translated by John Newton Webb, Volume 63, Issue 4 (Winter 2022)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you translated.
The first poem I translated was Ishihara Yoshiro’s Funeral Train (published in The Kyoto Journal). I was finding my way into the world of post-war Japanese poetry and I came across a couple of Ishihara’s poems in an anthology. Funeral Train immediately stood out to me.

Ishihara (1915-77) spent 8 years as a Soviet POW after WWII and train...


10 Questions for Clare Richards

- By Edward Clifford

Five minutes later and I was already regretting going with him. I fell behind, uneasy. I hoped he wouldn't notice, that he'd carry on walking. But he stopped and turned around. It seemed he wouldn't move an inch until I was right beside him. His smile read catch up, quick. I told him to go ahead, that I'd follow.
—from "The Lake" by Kang Hwagil, Translated by Clare Richards, Volume 63, Issue 4 (Winter 2022)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you translated.
I first started out translating film subtitles. My most memorable experience was working on 1990 documentary Even the Blades of Grass Have Names, the first work by South Korean feminist film collective Bariteo. The film takes a very candid, yet...

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