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Volume 60, Issue 4

Front Cover by Anna Schuleit Haber, Bloom, 2003. WHITE MUMS AND ORANGE TULIPS ON THE FIRST FLOOR OF AT THE MASSACHUSETTS MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, BOSTON. Commissioned by the Harvard Medical School and the Department of Mental Health of Massachsuetts.

Courtesy of the artist.

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“And there will be singing": An Anthology of International Writing
Edited by Jim Hicks, Ellen Doré Watson, and Q. M. Zhang

6x9 paper, 312 pages, $24.95, November 2019
ISBN: : 978-1-943902-14-9

In celebration of our landmark 60th anniversary, the Massachusetts Review presents a collection of the best contemporary and emerging international writers and writers in translation, from MR’s last decade. At a time when English-only readers too often know little about the rest of the world, this volume is a classroom in itself. This timely and essential anthology features fiction, essays, and poetry by Mia Couto, Tabish Khair, Menekşe Toprak, and Kim Tae-Young, among others.
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