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2021 Winner of the Anne Halley Poetry Prize

Congratulations to ABIGAIL CHABITNOY, the winner of our annual Anne Halley Poetry Prize awarded by the Massachusetts Review!

Our poetry editors along with Guest Judge Nathan McClain have selected Abigail Chabitnoy's poem "Girls Are Coming out of the Water" from MR's Native and Indigenous Authors issue (Vol.61, Issue 4) for the prestigious prize. From the judge's note, the award was given for her poem's "power, music, use of repetition, subtle modulations, and empowering message." A virtual reading with the Abigail Chabitnoy will be held later this spring.



Call for Submissions: Climate Crisis Special Issue

This year, for publication in December 2021, the Massachusetts Review is putting together a special issue focused on the climate crisis, climate refugees, and eco-literature. We seek work from international as well as U.S. writers, and plan to present perspectives on the environmental frontlines around the world, particularly the experience of those whose lives have explicitly been affected by climate change.  

As the world finally begins to grapple with human-caused climate change, MR believes that literature can elicit empathy as well as understanding, and that it can inspire action. The...


Celebrating our 10th Annual Jules Chametzky Translation Prize Winner and Honorable Mentions!

We are pleased to announce the winner of our annual Chametzky Translation Prize is Mike Day for his translation of Lu Min's "Song of Parting" from its original Chinese. Published in our Fall 2020 issue, Day's translation of this moving story of a village can be read here.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this prize, our judges included two honorable mentions as well: Bruna Dantas Lobato's translation of Caoi Fernando Abreu's "Beyond the Point" (MR Vol. 60, Issue 1) and Mara Faye Lethem's...


Sam Taylor Wins The 2020 Anne Halley Poetry Prize

After much deliberation, our judges, Ellen Doré Watson and Deb Gorlin along with guest judge Lee Edwards, have awarded the annual Halley prize to Sam Taylor for his poem, "Postcards from Babel," which was published in our spring issue of Volume 60 (2019). Taylor will be giving a reading on May 7th at Amherst Books that will be free and open to the public! Broadsides of his winning poem will be available for sale.


Our 9th Annual Jules Chametzky Translation Prize winner is here!

Kelsi Vanada and her translation of Berta García Faet's "Thirteen Theories on the Better Understanding of Birds of Eligible Age" have won the Jules Chametzky Prize for Translation. Appearing in our Fall 2017 issue, Vanada translated García Faet's nested-list poem from Spanish.

Kelsi Vanada is from Colorado and holds MFAs in Poetry (Iowa Writers' Workshop, 2016) and Literary Translation (University of Iowa, 2017). She translates from Spanish and Swedish, and her poems and translations have been published most recently in Columbia Poetry Review, EuropeNow, Asymptote, and Prelude. She was a 2016 ALTA Travel Fellow and currently works for the International...

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