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June MR Contributor Publications

The Massachusetts Review is kicking off the summer with our first of many monthly catalogues of new releases from our recent contributors. This June, we will also list earlier 2022 releases to supplement your reading. Keep your eyes peeled at the end of every month for the next installment!













2021 Kathryn A. Morton Prize winner CJ Evans’ third poetry collection, Lives, is out with Sarabande Books. Evans’ work appeared in MR Vol. 62 Issue 1.







Edie Meidav’s new lyrical novel, Another Love Discourse, is available from Terra Nova Press. Meidav’s work was featured in MR Vol. 62 Issue 1.





Lidia Vianu’s English-Romanian bilingual poetry collection, The Wind and the Seagull, is available for free download at the Contemporary Literature Press of the University of Bucharest. Vianu’s work appeared in MR Vol. 60, Issue 1.





Corey Van Landingham’s poetry collection, Love Letter to Who Owns the Heavens, with the Tupelo Press. His work appeared in MR Vol. 60 Issue 4.





Richie Hofmann’s poetry collection, A Hundred Lovers, is out with Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. His work appeared in MR Vol. 60 Issue 4.





Tabish Khair’s novel, The Body by the Shore, is out with Interlink as of April 2022 in the USA and Canada, and will be available from Harper Collins in August 2022 in South Asia. Khair’s work appeared in MR Vol. 60 Issue 2.





Katherine Silver’s translation of the poetry collection, Cold Fire, by Chilean poet Verónica Zondek, is out with World Poetry Books. Silver’s work has appeared in MR Vol. 60 Issue 4.





Benjamin Landry's poetry collection, Mercies in the American Desert, is available from LSU Press. A poem by Landry is featured in MR Vol. 56 Issue 3.


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