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Volume 12 Issue 2



In Review: On Dramatic Character

By Normand Berlin


The Death of Henry Wells

By John Meader


The Parade

By Burton Welcher


Letter to Be Disguised as a Gas Bill

By Marge Piercy


Sand Creek, 1864


Parkman's Indians and American Violence

By Robert Shulman


George Armstrong Custer

By Steven Osterlund

non fiction

Count Leo Tolstoy and Violence in the Philippines

Edited by Philip S. Foner

Non Fiction + Art

Anne Whitney: Sculptures; Art and Social Justice

Commentary by Elizabeth Rogers Payne; nine illustrations

non fiction

Tragi-Comedy: A Study in Rossini

By Greg Audette


The Last Day of October

By Brendan Galvin

non fiction

Where Have All the Nuns Gone? ; Orgasm

By Nancy Sullivan


Observer: Walking to Fatima

By H.R. Weber

non fiction

A New Letter by Ezra Pound about T.S. Eliot

By Donald E. Herdeck


After the Game is Over; Seven Ways of Accounting

By Daniel Curley


Sylvia & Co.: An Episode Goes Awry

By Barry Wallenstein

non fiction

Process and Product: A Study of Modern Literary Form

By Donald M. Kartiganer


A Young White Man Steps Out of His Shower

By John Taggart


Instructions From the Dean of Menopause

By Peter Klappert


His Grandmother, Hospitalized

By Eugene Robert Minard

non fiction

In Review: The Greening of America

By Charles Derber

non fiction

In Review: Dissent in Russia

By Laszlo M. Tikos

non fiction

In Review: Dada and Surrealist Poetry

By Sally Lawall

non fiction

In Review: Four Books on Rock

By Leonard Berkman

non fiction

In Review: Principles and Persons

By Gerald W. Barnes

Table of Contents

The Death of Harry Wells, Fiction by John Meander

The Parade, Poetry by Burton Welcher

Letter to Be Disguised as a Gas Bill, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Sand Creek, Non-Fiction by Amy Storrow

Parkman's Indians and American Violence, Non-Fiction by Robert Shulman

George Armstrong Custer, Poetry by Steven Osterlund

Count Leo Tolstoy and Violence in the Philippines, Non-Fiction by Count Leo Tolstoy, Correspondence

Anne Whitney: Sculptures, Art by Anne Whitney

Anne Whitney: Art and Social Justice, Non-Fiction by Elizabeth Rogers Payne

Observer: Walking to Fatima, Non-Fiction by H.R. Weber

A New Letter by Ezra Pound about T.S. Eliot, Non-Fiction by Ezra Pound

Seven Ways of Accounting, Poetry by Daniel Curley

Sylvia and Co.: An Episode Goes Awry, Poetry by Barry Wallenstein

A Young White Man Steps Out of His Shower, Poetry by John Taggart

His Grandmother, Hospitalized, Poetry by Eugene R. Minard

In Review: Dissent in Russia, Non-Fiction by Laszlo Tikos

Charles Sumner (detail), Cover Art by by Anne Whitney



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