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Trump Papers

For years I earned my living as an illustrator, my work appeared in print with a story attached, words; so when I stopped illustrating and returned to fine art, it was natural for me to include words in that as well. But nothing political.

Until Trump got elected.

At that point I began creating books filled with Trump quotes; I still found much of what he said somewhat amusing (though coarse and vulgar). But the humor quickly wore off, and I decided to stop. Still, Trump persisted, and I felt I had to, too.

I switched from making books to creating paintings, I call them Trump Papers, and I've now done over 130, employing hand-cut stencils of whichever words from the news bother me most that day. I'd love to return to the abstract expressionist works I used to make, but that no longer feels fulfilling. Still, if all goes right, I'll hope to do just that.

As soon as possible.

WARD SCHUMAKER is an artist known in particular for his hand-painted, one-of-a-kind books. An unintended and fortuitous viewing of one––a collection of quotes from the mouth of Donald Trump––resulted in the publication of Hate Is What We Need, available from Chronicle Books. Schumaker is represented by the Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco.



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