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2010 Winner of the Anne Halley Poetry Prize

The 2010 Winner of the Anne Halley Poetry Prize is Donald Morrill for his poem Enemy Infant

Volume 50, Issue 3

Donald Morrill is the author of two volumes of poetry, At the Bottom of the Sky and With Your Back to Half the Day, as well as four books of nonfiction: The Untouched Minutes (winner of the River Teeth Nonfiction Prize), Sounding for Cool, A Stranger’s Neighborhood, and, most recently, Impetuous Sleeper. His work has appeared widely in journals and anthologies, and his honors include the Mid-List Press First Series Award, the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Award, the Emerging Writers of Creative Nonfiction Award from Duquesne University Press, and The Missouri Review Editors’ Prize for Nonfiction.

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