New Poems by Ralph Angel

Ata Moharreri

“True genius can get an idea across even to an inferior mind.
She imagined that she took his remorse in hand and changed
it into a deeper understanding of life. She took all his shame
away and turned it into something useful.”
              -- Flannery O’Connor, “Good Country People”

The Importance of Being Editors

Emily Wojcik

After I’d first begun serious work on my dissertation, the head of the English department greeted me at a semester-end shindig and asked what I was working on. “Magazines,” I said. “Little magazines, and the women who published or edited them.” I rattled off a few names—Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap of The Little Review, Bryher of Life and Letters To-day, Harriet Shaw Weaver of The Egoist—while he smiled very politely and nodded. “So,” he said when I paused, “are you going to write about anyone important?”

Oktoberfest Library

Marsha Bryant

A Review-in-Limericks

Beer does not resemble wine so much as it resembles music.
                                    – Garrett Oliver

October’s upon us once more!
But before you head out to the bar
To assuage your Fall thirst,
Hit the library first
So you won’t imbibe brew that’s subpar.

All is Not as Well as It Ends

Amanda Seaman

In Ruth Ozeki’s intricate novel, A Tale for the Time Being, there are multiple strands running through the narrative, themes that span generations and continents.  Nestled among the meditations on Buddhism, time, and cats is a powerful story of a young Japanese woman who is struggling to find a place for herself in the bleak urban landscape of contemporary Japan.

Compose in Darkness

Michael Thurston

I was with friends at a conference in Britain when I got the news. “Heaney has died,” read Emily’s text. “So sad.” And as others at the conference heard over the course of the day, the reaction was similar: so sad. A former student who had studied the poet’s work with me and had written an essay on his work emailed to say that it felt as though a mutual friend of ours had died. My daughter posted as her Facebook status update the closing lines of “Digging”: “Between my finger and my thumb the squat pen rests, snug as a gun. I’ll dig with it.”


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