10 Questions for Seif Eldeine

Katherine Keenan

“. . .No one thinks this is enough to get the blood out.

No one sleeps to the sounds of bombs.[ . .]

No one shares the bed with his sisters and brothers.. . ."

— from “No One and Syria’s Struggle to Sleep” which  appears in the Summer 2017 issue (Volume 58, Issue 2)

10 Questions for Kimberly White

Beth Derr

"There are queens and divas here, holding notes and holding sway and cloaking themselves in poisonous ways that march on no feet. They say to be careful here in the desert, that the uninitiated will pay like the gamblers they are,

amateurs welshing on a price they negotiated themselves." —From "Desert Suite #5: Cactus Music," which appears in the Music Issue (Volume 57, issue 4).

10 Questions for Francesca Bell

Katherine Keenan

“In the Maltese Church the American kisses
her dark groom and the priest watches
before he grants the blessing
why did the choice land on Prague why on this rainy day
white veils belie nothing
but the girl in the wheelchair wants to make it
over the bridge before the lightning gets going”
—from “Rainy Sun” by Ilma Rakusa, translated by Francesca Bell for the Summer 2017 issue (Volume 58, Issue 2)


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