10 Questions for Mary Peelen

Amal Zaman

"The x could have been
anything at all,

the sound of wind chimes,
a gong, a choir, a cantor,

a mermaid, a schoolman,
cathedral bells...
--from "Variable" which appears in the Winter 2016 issue (Volume 57, Issue 4).

Tell us about one of the first pieces you’ve written

10 Questions for Ting Wang

Amal Zaman

"Fantaisie Impromptu. That's Chopin, of course. The record--held in a pink sleeve (or it should be pink)--was a pirated copy: ten yuan apiece, or nine if you buy more. It wasn't mine though. It was lent to me by a high-school classmate of my classmate from primary school. They were attending an all-girls high school..."
--from Fantaisie Impromptu which appears in the Winter 2016 issue (Volume 57, Issue 4).

OUR AMERICA: Bursting the Bubble

Emily Wojcik

My response to the 2016 US Presidential election was by no means unusual—shock, sadness, rage. I suspect that I was not the only woman to feel attacked, as if someone had run up behind me and slammed a baseball bat into my head. The election of President Trump felt like a sharp reminder that the complacency I’d grown into during the previous administration was misplaced.

TIME SERVED (Working Title 2.2)

J. Malcolm Garcia

The Massachusetts Review presents the latest Working Titles e-book: “TIME SERVED by Malcolm Garcia–available this week!

From Time Served:

I heard about Jose Chavez-Alvarez by chance, just after my journalism career crashed with the recession in 2008. I survived five rounds of layoffs at a daily newspaper before the sixth round tagged me.


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