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Volume 26, Issue 2


Table of Contents

New England Decorum,
Non-Fiction by Marilyn Robinson

My Elusive Guests; New England
Gardener Gets Personal,
Poetry by Maxine Kumin

The Sorcery of Rhetoric in French and American
Letters, Non-Fiction by Jefferson Humphries

New England as Region and Idea: Looking Over
the Tafferel of Our Craft, Non-Fiction by Donald Junkins

Before He Went Out West, Fiction by

untitled, Art by Elisabeth McClellan,
10 photographs of Henry James in Northampton
(with the essay "The View from Prospect House"
by Dean Flower)

The View from Prospect House, Non-Fiction by Dean
Flower, with 10 photographs of Henry James in
Northampton by Elisabeth McClellan

Precocious Incest: First Novels by Louisa May
Alcott and Henry James, Non-Fiction by Alfred Habegger

The Ash Grove in October, Poetry by John Engles

Robert Frost--Two Unpublsihed Plays:
In an Art Factory; The Guardeen, Poetry by Robert Frost

Robert Frost and Susan Hayes Ward,
Non-Fiction by Lesley Lee Francis

Whiteness in Robert Frost's Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Arnold Bartini

Second Nesting; The Farm Animal's Desertion,
Poetry by Peter Davison

The Red Roof on Tuckerman Avenue,
Poetry by Ruth Whitman

Was Mr. Dudley Dear?: Emily Dickinson & John
Langdon Dudley, Non-Fiction by Polly Longsworth

Xmas on Bay State Road, Boston, By B.U. 1978,
Poetry by Michael Benedikt

Boggy Ways: Notes on Irish-American Culture,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

The Whaling Wife Awaits the Captian's Return Home;
Whale Watch, Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Black, Quadroon, Gypsy: Women in the Art of George
Fuller, with fourteen reproductions,
Non-Fiction by Sarah Burns
14 Reproductions, Art by George Fuller

Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass in Florence,
Massachusetts, Non-Fiction by Terry Esther

Whatever Crept Away, Poetry by Ann Neelon

Lizzie Borden Through Art and Literature,
Poetry by Caroline Knox

The Colonizing of Indian New England,
Art by Neal Salisbury

Self-Made Men: The Development of Middling-Class
Consciousness in New England,
Non-Fiction by Gary J. Kornblith

Black Ice; Stonington Harbor,
Poetry by William Doreski

Basket, Emily Dickinson's Window; Tombstone,
Marblehead, MA, Cover Art by Jerome Liebling


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