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Volume 27, Issue 4


Table of Contents

The Story of the Green Falcon and the
Marvelous Flute, Fiction by Daniel Moyano,
Translated by H.E. Francis

Denouement; Love in the Ether; Concerted
Effort, Poetry by Adelia Prado, Translated
from the Portuguese by Ellen Watson

It Can Happen, Poetry by Vincente Huidobro,
Translated by Sarah Arvio

Dedication to the Statue of Liberty,
Non-Fiction by Jose Marti, Translated by Elinor Randall

Sayings; Agreed: It's True That You Look Like May Britt,
Poetry by Roque Dalton, Translated by Roberto Marquez

The Brain Dead, Non-Fiction by Augusto Monterroso,
Translated by Edith Grossman

Alaindelon de la Patrie, Fiction by Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro,
Translated by the author

'From' Sudden Death, Poetry by Etevina Astrada,
Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Ode to Numbers; Ode to Americas,
Poetry by Pablo Neruda,
Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

A Little Fairy Tale, Fiction by Elena Poniatowska,
Translated by Magda Bogin

When Republics Go Bananas,
Non-Fiction by Penny Lenoux

Sculpture, Art by Margarita Azurdia,
notes by Ellen Watson and Paul Jenkins

The Two Cultures of El Salvador,
Non-Fiction by Claribel Alegria

Granny and the Golden Bridge,
Fiction by Claribel Alegria,
Translated by author and Darwin J. Flakoll

Visit to the Weimar: The Price of Bras,
Poetry by Ernesto Cardenal, T
ranslated by Ellen Watson and Jonathan Cohen

Taking a Stand, an exchange of letters
between Mario Vargas Llosa and Mario Bendetti,
Non-Fiction by Mario Benedetti,
Translated by Ellen Watson

This Country Is In a Dream; The Man Who Boxes,
Poetry by Ana Istaru, Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Oral History "A Nun's Tale: Practicing
Liberation Theology", Non-Fiction by Daphne Patai

The Seven New Deadly Sins, Art by Leonel Gongora,
with a note by Dario Ruiz Gomez

Little Girl, Fiction by Ivan Angelu, Translated by
Ellen Watson

I Want to Find Desperately I Look,
Poetry by Bertalicia Peralta, Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Kostas Papaioannaou, Poetry by Octavio Paz,
Translated by Eliot Weinberger

A Nicaraguan Journal, Non-Fiction by John Brentlinger

Dressed in Dynamite, Poetry by Gioconda Belli,
Translated by Regina McCarthy

The Man in the Armchair, Fiction by Antonio Benitez-Rojo,
Translated by James Maraniss

We Misfits Don't Forget You, Maryilyn; Film Short,
Poetry by Jotamario, Translated by Ellen Watson

Ebb and Flow in Panama, Non-Fiction by Merrill Collett

It is Certain That We are Constructing a World,
Poetry by Rosario Murillo, Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Uncertainty, Poetry by Bessy Reyna,
Translated by Zoe Anglesey

'The Other Face': Coversations in Latin America,
Non-Fiction by Pat Aufderheide

Evocation of Carmen Miranda,
Poetry by Luz Mendez de la Vega,
Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Ginsberg: Untitled, Art by Tito Alverez

Six Cuban Photographers, a note, Non-Fiction by Johnette Cole

Six Cuban Photographers: Photograph, Art by Paul Corrales

Six Cuban Photographers: En el Liceo, Art by Marucha

Six Cuban Photographers: Rebecca de la Familia Buendia,
Art by Abigail Garcia

Six Cuban Photographers: El Campeon, Zafra, Art by Mayito

Into Another Sort of Jungle: The Lost Voyage of the Matacos,
Non-Fiction by Ariel Dorfman

'From' Amazonas, Land of Water,
Poetry by Thiago de Mello, Translated by Charles Cutler

The Glass Box, Fiction by Rosario Ferre,
Translated by the author and Kathy Taylor

Hopeful Letter to a General: A Fragment,
Non-Fiction by Marcos Aguinas,
Translated by David William Foster

Within and Without Walls, an excerpt from the novel
'Primavera con una Esquina Rota',
Non-Fiction by Mario Benedetti, Translated by Hardie St. Martin

The Fiancee, 1974, Cover Art by Margarita Azurdia,
photograph courtesy of The Center for Cuban Studies,
New York City


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