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Volume 31, Issue 2


Table of Contents

Introduction to an/other Canada, another Canada?
other Canadas, Non-Fiction by Robert Schwartzwald

L'homme des sept jours, Poetry by Anre Roy,
Translated by David Lenson

Crossing the Border, Fiction by Ian Angus

Independence is for 1993,
Non-Fiction by Paul Chamberland,
Translated by David Lenson

The Palm Tree, Fiction by Michele Mailhot,
Translated by Richard Tedeschi

True North, Non-Fiction by Bruce Russell

La Matiere Harmonieuse manoeuvre encore,
Poetry by Nicole Brossard, Translated by Lise Weil

Rites of Passage: Translation and Its Intents,
Non-Fiction by Sherry Simon

Anaximander; Imprint #1; #3; #4;"Self-City",
Poetry by Phyllis Webb

Recent Paintings, Art by Attila Richard Lukacs

'The Kiss' by Edvard Munch, Revisited,
Fiction by Gail Scott

The U'mista Cultural Centre,
Non-Fiction by Gloria Cranmer Webster

Water, Fiction by Kristjana Gunnars

The Discourse of the Other:
Canadian Literature and the Question of Ethnicity,
Non-Fiction by Barbara Godard

The Adam Suite, Art by Stephen Andrews, drawings

Seven Photographs, Art by Angela Grauerholz

The Garden for the Canadian Center for Architecture,
Non-Fiction by Melvin Charney

Canadian Film: An Unexpected Emergence,
Non-Fiction by Pierre Veronneau, Translated
by Jane Critchlow

Artknot 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,
Poetry by Fred Wah

Cosmologie de l'Est, Fiction by David McGimpsey

Art, Geography and Resistance,
Non-Fiction by Alexander Wilson

Three Installations, Art by Genevieve Cadieux

Arts in Review: The Year in Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Valerie Martin

Arts in Review: Recent Drama,
Non-Fiction by Robert King

Arts in Review: American Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Sharon Dunn


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