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Volume 35, Issue 4


Table of Contents

Non-Fiction by Rhonda Cobham-Sanders

Eating the Raccoon, Fiction by Nicolette Bethel

At Sea, Poetry by Fred D'Aguiar

Blackout, Poetry by Grace Nichols

Port-of-Spain by Night, Poetry by Cynthia James

Soothe Me, Music, Soothe Me; Let the Tourist Play,
Fiction by Cynthia James

Domesticity; Jealousy, Poetry by Jane King

Jackie Hinkson, introduction,
Non-Fiction by Derek Walcott

Searching For a Way Out,
Non-Fiction by Christopher Cozier, six reproductions

Searching For a Way Out: Conflict of Interest,
Art by Francisco Cabral

Searching For a Way Out: Mancrab,
Art by Peter Minshall, with an essay by Christopher Cozier

Searching For a Way Out: Sculpture Caribbean Basin,
Art by John Stollmeyer

Searching For a Way Out: Outhouse,
Art by Francisco Cabral

Searching For a Way Out: Installation Once a Man,
Art by Guy Beckles

Lyrical Gun: Metaphor and Role Play in Jamaican
Dancehall Culture, Non-Fiction by Carolyn Cooper

Baychester: A Memory,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Glave

Three Sonnets for Mister Kent; Castires,
Poetry by Kendel Hippolyte

Face of the Nation: Race, Nationalisims and Identities in
Jamaican Beauty Pageants, Non-Fiction by Natasha Barnes

West Indian Drama and the Rockefller Foundation,
1957-70: Derek Walcott, The Little Carib and the
University of the West Indies,
Non-Fiction by Bruce King

Interior, Mt. Irvine Sunset and The Selectors,
Art by Jackie Hinkson, paintings with essay by Derek Walcott

Seven Photographs Guyana-Rupununi, 1994,
Non-Fiction by Abigail Hadeed, with commentary

Where the Remote Bermudas Ride, Fiction by Angela Barry

Liberation Theology, Non-Fiction by Lasana Sekou

Born Again, Poetry by Ras Changa

Prospero Caliban Cricket, Poetry by John Agard

A Place of Learning,
Fiction by Kelvin Christopher James

Taino Rebirth, Poetry by Marion Bethel

Indian Cuisine, Fiction by Ramabai Espinet

Way to Wendell Wedding,
Poetry by Everton Sylvester

Louisiana, Fiction by Erna Brodber

My Mother's Last Dance,
Fiction by Honor Ford-Smith

Why Does He Always Whistle That Tune While
Washing The Car, Cover Art by Christopher Cozier,
mixed media


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