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Volume 43, Issue 2

IN THIS ISSUE MR raises memories, memories of people and ideas alive and awake in the labyrinth of our hundred-and seventy-odd issues. We remember the poet Agha Shahid Ali, colleague and contributor, with Christine Benvenuto's inspiring interview, and a poem by Yehudit Ben-Zvi Heller in whose translation Shahid participated. Through the generosity of Daniel Hales (who also contributes a ghazal of his own), and the Agha Shahid Ali Literary Trust, we have some pages from Shahid s manuscript of "The Floating Post Office," including the colorful one on the back cover. And by courtesy of W.W. Norton & Company, we reprint the poem itself from Shahid s 1997 volume The Country Without a Post Office.

We renew our interest in African-American issues, recollecting our WE.B. Dubois special issue of 1994 with a magisterial new examination of the idea of double consciousness by Ernest Allen, Jr; and with Jennifer Jensen Wallach s essay on Fawn Brodie, the historian who first chronicled the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings; and then with Gail Hall Howards memoir of interracial marriage in the Chicago 1960s.

Among these rich memories bright new things walk, led by Valerie Martin through "The Open Door."

—David Lenson, Editor



The Open Door

By Valerie Martin


Where Do I Crawl; Grace; Peace to the People of the Earth

By Tomaz Salamun


Last Day

By Timothy Liu


Du Boisian Double Consciousness: The Unsustainable Argument

By Ernest Allen Jr.


There Be Phantasies

By Eva Hooker


Good, Brothers

By Peter Markus


The Woman in a Purple Coat

By Yehudit Ben-Zvi Heller


Conversation with Agha Shahid Ali

By Christine Benvenuto


The Floating Post Office: Reproductions selected from Agha Shahid Ali's manuscript

By Agha Shahid Ali


The Floating Post Office

By Agha Shahid Ali


Dear Shahid

By Daniel Hales


The Vindication of Fawn Brodie

By Jennifer Jensen Wallach


Flag Etiquette

By Chris Kingsley


The Agonist

By Ogaga Ifowodo


Landscape with Abandoned Trash

By Kate Northrop


The Price

By E.M. Beekman



By Steven Lapinsky



By Therese Svoboda



By Joel Brouwer


Chicago Spring

By Gail Hall Howard


Wake Up Call

By Nanny Vonnegut

Table of Contents

The Open Door, Fiction by Valerie Martin

Where Do I Crawl; Grace; Peace to the People
of the Earth, Poetry by Tomaz Salamun,
Translated by Joshua Beckman and the poet

Last Day, Poetry by Timothy Liu

Du Boisian Double Consciousness:
The Unsustainable Argument,
Non-Fiction by Ernest Allen Jr.

There Be Phantasies, Poetry by Eva Hooker

Good, Brothers, Fiction by Peter Markus

The Woman in a Purple Coat,
Poetry by Yehudit Ben-Zvi Heller
Translated by Agha Shahid Ali
with Stephen Clingman and the poet

Conversation with Agha Shahid Ali,
Non-Fiction by Christine Benvenuto

The Floating Post Office: Reproductions selected
from Agha Shahid Ali's manuscript,
Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali

The Floating Post Office,
Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali

Dear Shahid, Poetry by Daniel Hales

The Vindication of Fawn Brodie,
Non-Fiction by Jennifer Jensen Wallach

Flag Etiquette, Poetry by Chris Kingsley

The Agonist, Poetry by Ogaga Ifowodo

Landscape with Abandoned Trash,
Poetry by Kate Northrop

The Price, Fiction by E.M. Beekman

Deer, Poetry by Steven Lapinsky

Crucifixion, Poetry by Therese Svoboda

Father, Poetry by Joel Brouwer

Chicago Spring, Fiction by Gail Hall Howard

Wake Up Call, Cover Art by Nanny Vonnegut


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