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Volume 44, Issue 1


Table of Contents

A Family Photograph, Brooklyn, 1942,
with commentary, Non-Fiction by Jerome Liebling

Jules Chametzky's Memo (October 23, 1958) From
Which Sprang the Massachusetts Review,
with a note by David R. Clark

June Rain '72, Poetry by Robert Tucker

Early Days, Non-Fiction by John Hicks

For Jules, In Appreciation,
Non-Fiction by Esther Terry

Bruce Laurie Talks Union with Jules Chametzky:
An Interview, Non-Fiction by Bruce Laurie

Interview with Jules Chametsky,
Non-Fiction by Bruce Laurie

Broadening the Canon; or Talmudic Faulknerism:
Reading Chametzky, Knowing Jules,
Non-Fiction by Werner Sollors

Reflections on Editing Jewish American Literature,
Non-Fiction by Hilene Flanzbaum

A Brief History of CCLM/CLMP,
Non-Fiction by Pauline Uchmanowicz

Four Faces from SNCC, photographs,
Art by Julius Lester

Music of New Orleans,
Non-Fiction by Stephen Clingman

Oriki: Ancestors and Roots, Non-Fiction by Kwame Ture
From the autobiography 'Ready for Revolution: The Life and
Struggles of Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture)' by Stokely
Carmichael with Ekwueme Michael Thelwell

Salzburg, Non-Fiction by Daniel Aaron

From Race and Class to the Feminist Press,
Non-Fiction by Florence Howe

Four Radio Scripts, Non-Fiction by Ursula Junk

Kleist Drawings, Art by Leonard Baskin, 11 drawings,
with commentary by Anne Halley

Travelling Memory; The Middle Passage in German
Representations, Non-Fiction by Sabine Broeck

Postcolonial (?) Linguistic Fieldwork,
Non-Fiction by Emmon Bach

Contraband Guides: Twain and His Contemporaries on
the Black Presence in Venice, Non-Fiction by Paul Kaplan

The Intellectual as American: Richard Rorty on
"Achieving Our Country", Non-Fiction by
Alan Trachtenberg

Carribean Writers and Language: The Autobiographical
Poetics of Jamaica Kincaid and Patrick Chamoiseau,
Non-Fiction by Rose-Myriam Rejouis

The American Academic: Immigrant Bard of Diversity,
Non-Fiction by Dale Peterson

That Much Credit: Irish-American Identity and Writing,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

"The riffs, runs, breaks, and distortions of the music of
a community in transition"-- Redefining African Modernism
and the Jazz Aesthetic in Langston Hughes' 'Montage of a
Dream Deferred' and 'Ask Your Mama',
Non-Fiction by Dr. Gunter Lenz

Henry Hurwitz, the 'Menorah Journal', and the Last Years
of an American Romance, Non-Fiction by Lewis Fried

Edward Bond's DE-LEAR-IUM,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

Salt Women, Non-Fiction by Yehudit Ben-Zvi Heller,
Translated by the author, edited by Agha Shahid Ali
and Stephen Clingman

20 Questions I wish I'd asked my Father,
Poetry by John Felstiner

Ghazal For Open Hands,
Poetry by Martin Espada

Paula Executes the Angels; The Scissor-Tailed Swallow,
Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Madman, Fiction by Chinua Achebe

Recognitions & Recollections,
Poetry by Joseph Langland

Julius, Fiction by Andrew Lass

Aging Amelia, Poetry by Doris Abramson

Walt Whitman in Chile, Poetry by Paul Jenkins

The Confusion About What It Means To Be Human;
Fourth of July on the Deerfield,
Poetry by Carol Potter

The Way God Must Feel; Atlantis,
Poetry by Val Vinokurov

The Eye, Poetry by Adrienne Rich

I Never Meant to Harm Him, Poetry by James Tate

All We Have, Poetry by Ellen Dore Watson

Ne'ilah, Poetry by Kadya Molodowsky,
Translated by Kathryn Hellerstein

The Distant Town of Luniniec,
Poetry by Melvin Wilk

Portrait of Jules Chametzky,
Cover Art by Jerome Liebling


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