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Volume 44, Issue 3

BEGINNING WITH night-thoughts in Robert Abel's basement, shadows of struggle and memory ripple through this issue. Ravi Howard's star-sided green car moves inexorably through town. Green uniforms drop around ankles in Selena Flowers'"Before the Fall of Saigon." In Marvin Bell's "Watch," "beachcombers return with rakes / and metal detectors to search for the past." A roller-coaster rattles above a lost Revere Beach in Evelyn Shakir's remembrance. In Lynn Margulis' and Ricardo Guerrero's new version of Lorca, "I took off my tie. / She dropped her dress. / I unbuckled my gunbelt."

At the center, Michael Lenson recalls the WPA. But then there is Robert Vivian s "The Fog Sleepers," where oblivion threatens everything. The flesh itself melts in Melissa Fraterrigo's "The Attached Couple." Anne Silver loves fraud. An aunt brings more than memory in an orange Manchurian trunk, as Maxim Shrayer tells it. By turns the fog clears and gathers again.

This issue is dedicated to Mary Heath. Having herself just co edited with Anne Halley MR's monumental gathering for Jules Chametzky (4401/2), she has chosen to step down from her editorial post to become a contributing editor. She has served this magazine in every possible way, even as managing editor, over a great swath of its history. Possessed of enormous charm and rare manners, she turns discreetly venomous at the sight of a sentimental story, or an essay with a broken wheel on its train of thought. The "new" editorial team (now here for a couple of years) will be forever grateful for her support and advice over a period of sometimes difficult change. We'll be sure that she never really escapes.

David Lenson
for the editors



Soft Targets

By Robert Abel


Ways of the World

By Ravi Howard



By Marvin Bell


Before the fall of Saigon; Birthplace of My Brother

By Selena Flowers



By Miguel Hernandez


The Way a World Can Change

By Tony Gloeggler


The High Pastures

By Enis Batur


Interview with Michael Lenson, Archives of American Art, Nutely, New Jersey, October 30, 1964

By David Lenson


The Fog Sleepers

By Robert Vivian


I Love Fraud

By Anne Silver


Guardian Spirits

By Lisa M. Steinman


Revere Beach

By Evelyn Shakir


Fam da Sham

By Amanda Brauman King


Gustavo's Wedding

By Victoria Barrett


The Unfaithful Wife

By Federico Garcia Lorca



By Adnan Adam Onart


The Witness

By Jay Nebel


If I Have to Hit One of You, I'll Hit You Both

By Evan Shopper


Lives of the Saints

By Kate Greenstreet


In Lieu of Elegy

By Patricia Hill


Traffic of Our Stage: Shakespeare in Oregon

By Normand Berlin



By Maxim D. Shrayer


History of Newark

By Michael Lenson


The Attached Couple

By Melissa Fraterrigo

Table of Contents

Soft Targets, Fiction by Robert Abel

Ways of the World, Fiction by Ravi Howard

Watch, Poetry by Marvin Bell

Before the Fall of Saigon; Birthplace of My Brother,
Poetry by Selena Flowers

51, Poetry by Miguel Hernandez
Translated by Daniel Mahoney

The Attached Couple, Fiction by Melissa Fraterrigo

The Way a World Can Change ,
Poetry by Tony Gloeggler

The High Pastures, Poetry by Enis Batur
Translated by Clifford Endres and Selhan Savcigil

Interview with Michael Lenson, Archives of American Art,
Nutely, New Jersey, October 30, 1964,
Non-Fiction by David Lenson
Transcribed and edited by David Lenson

The Fog Sleepers, Non-Fiction by Robert Vivian

I Love Fraud, Poetry by Anne Silver

Guardian Spirits, Poetry by Lisa M. Steinman

Revere Beach, Non-Fiction by Evelyn Shakir

Fam da Sham, Fiction by Amanda Brauman King

Gustavo's Wedding, Fiction by Victoria Barrett

The Unfaithful Wife, Poetry by Lorca Federico Garcia
"Translated by Lynn Margulis and Ricardo Guerrero

Bozturgay, Poetry by Adnan Adam Onart

The Witness, Poetry by Jay Nebel

If I Have to Hit One of You, I'll Hit You Both,
Fiction by Evan Shopper

Lives of the Saints,
Poetry by Kate Greenstreet

In Lieu of Elegy, Poetry by Patricia Hill

Traffic of Our Stage: Shakespeare in Oregon,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Baggage, Non-Fiction by Maxim D. Shrayer

History of Newark, Cover Art by Michael Lenson


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