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Volume 45, Issue 1

WORDS UPON WORDS—books not only containing words, but also about them. Reference books that sit and wait till a void opens in the mind, an oversight in ones education, a lapse of memory, a foray into the ignorant swamp in the intellectual backyard. Style manuals, as if style could be step-by-step like auto repair. Topographies calling countries into existence. Libraries with omniscient architecture, used bookshops dusted with arcana, secret passageways under or behind the display windows of literacy. In this issue are words about words about words, miners' headlamps in the corridors....

MR salutes two poetry editors who are stepping down after many years of passionate collecting for these pages. Anne Halley, author most recendy of Rumors of the Turning Wheel, was co-editor of last year's special issue, A Gathering in Honor of Jules Chametzky. She has been a central figure in the history and development of MR from its inception, and we're delighted that she will stay on as contributing editor.

Paul Jenkins, author most recendy of Six Small Fires, also wrote the official history of Greenfield, Massachusetts. As MR co-editor, he has not only combed through our annual haul of 22,000 incoming poems, but has also been a wise consigliere in the human and literary history of the magazine. He too will stay on as contributing editor.

We're glad to announce that Ellen Doré Watson will become general editor for poetry. She is director of the Poetry Center at Smith College, and author most recently of Ladder Music, winner of the New York/New England award from Alice James Books. She is also the English translator of Adelia Prado. Ellen has served MR in many capacities, including managing editor, business manager, and translation editor. Now she can do them all at once!

David Lenson
for the editors



English 2340: World Literature

By Tino Villanueva


'World Book' Apocalypse

By Webb Harris


The Forest of Titles

By Peter LaSalle


E.B. White Takes His Leave or Does He? 'The Elements of Style', Six Editions

By Richard Minear


My High School Library

By Thomas Washington


Eight True Maps of the West

By Kevin Bowen



By David Crouse


The Second Going

By Patrick Donnelly



By Irving Werner


Zimbabwe, 1981

By Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi


Traffic of Our Stage: Long Day's Journey into Night

By Normand Berlin



By Leonard Kress


Tableaux In Motion

By Liliana Ursa


Kennedy on the Mount of Olives

By Mark Jay Mirsky


The Cat and the Bullet: A Ballistic Fable

By Larry Owens



By Graydon Parrish

Table of Contents

Ink, Inc,
Non-Fiction by Ilan Stavans

English 2340: World Literature,
Poetry by Tino Villanueva

'World Book' Apocalypse,
Non-Fiction by Webb Harris

The Forest of Titles, Fiction by Peter LaSalle

E.B. White Takes His Leave or Does He?
'The Elements of Style', Six Editions,
Non-Fiction by Richard Minear

My High School Library,
Fiction by Thomas Washington

Eight True Maps of the West,
Poetry by Kevin Bowen

Code, Fiction by David Crouse

The Second Going, Poetry by Patrick Donnelly

Elsa, Fiction by Irving Werner

Zimbabwe, 1981,
Poetry by Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi

Traffic of Our Stage: Long Day's Journey into Night,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Overalls, Poetry by Leonard Kress

Tableaux In Motion, Poetry by Liliana Ursa,
Translated by Sean Cotter

Kennedy on the Mount of Olives,
Non-Fiction by Mark Jay Mirsky

The Cat and the Bullet: A Ballistic Fable,
Non-Fiction by Larry Owens

Dance, Cover Art by Graydon Parrish


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