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Volume 46, Issue 2

AS PART OF A RENEWED emphasis on MR's commitment to the visual arts, in this issue we present Inside Out, a joint exhibition of the work of two Northampton artists, Katy Schneider and David Gloman. Schneider (who contributed the cover for our Food special issue last year) paints the interior of the home and family, the anarchic cradle of our being, while Gloman paints the silent and orderly distances paradoxically created by that human core. Who are we, that our intimacy and passion take place out of public sight? Or that our vistas are so devoid of familiar faces? Schneider and Gloman render these two poles with a complementary and salutary extremism.

In this year's Winter issue, we'll have yet another art insert featuring new work by Christin Couture. Frankly, we're sticking out necks out a little bit, since the cost of fine arts production and printing has been steadily rising. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the UMass Alumni Association for funding the recent Jean Morrison Becker insert, but we need your support as well. If you'd like to dedicate a contribution to MR's art department, don't stop yourself!

We're delighted to announce that Thomas L. Dumm, Professor of Political Science at Amherst College, has joined us as general editor for nonfiction. Tom is the author of five books, including United States and A Politics of the Ordinary, and he was formerly editor of the online journal Theory and Act. By way of intro duction, in our Fall issue this year we'll print a pair of Melville essays, one by Tom and the other by Sterling Stuckey.

David Lenson
for the editors



The Gospel Truth About Japan

By Kevin Simmonds


What I Learned, Continued; Bridge Street Cemetery

By Annie Boutelle


Getting Hitched v. theTrashing of Marriage

By Catherine Reid


So On

By David Wright


A Stick, a Cup, a Bowl, a Comb

By Dara Wier


Inside Out

By Katy Schneider


Inside Out

By David Gloman


The Struggles of Shrimp and Squirrel

By Sunshine Glenstone


Near Prodigy

By Leo Hwang


Ted's Dead, Hushing the Fuss

By Gerald Williams


Much Affliction and Anguish of Heart: 'Story of O' and Spirituality

By Bonnie Shullenberger


With and Without

By Robert Gregory


Passing through Paris

By Dino Enrique Piacentini


My Only Golem

By Rebecca Black


Space Dwellers

By L. E. Kimball


All My Hair on the Floor

By Anne Love Woodhull


Pinnacle of No Explanation: Jack Spicer's Exercise of the Novel

By John Emil Vincent

Table of Contents

The Gospel Truth About Japan,
Non-fiction by Kevin Simmonds

What I Learned, Continued; Bridge Street Cemetery,
Poetry by Annie Boutelle

Getting Hitched v. the Trashing of Marriage,
Non-Fiction by Catherine Reid

So On, Fiction by David Wright

A Stick, a Cup, a Bowl, a Comb,
Poetry by Dara Wier

Inside Out, Art by Katy Schneider and David Gloman

The Struggles of Shrimp and Squirrel,
Poetry by Sunshine Glenstone

Near Prodigy, Poetry by Leo Hwang

Ted's Dead, Hushing the Fuss,
Non-Fiction by Gerald Williams

Much Affliction and Anguish of Heart: 'Story of O'
and Spirituality, Non-Fiction by Bonnie Shullenberger

With and Without, Poetry by Robert Gregory

Passing through Paris,
Non-Fiction by Dino Enrique Piacentini

My Only Golem, Poetry by Rebecca Black

Space Dwellers, Fiction by L. E. Kimball

All My Hair on the Floor,
Poetry by Anne Love Woodhull

Pinnacle of No Explanation: Jack Spicer's Exercise
of the Novel, Non-Fiction by John Emil Vincent


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