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Volume 47, Issue 1

THE EDITORS are delighted to announce that the winner of this year's Anne Halley Poetry Prize is Brian Swann, for his poem "Birds in the Woods," published in the Winter 2005 issue. By a happy coincidence (I'm not a contest judge), a lifetime ago Brian and I sat across from each other during four- and five-hour graduate seminars conducted by Edward Dudley Hume Johnson, an eminent Victorianist of his day. A vast expanse of polished table wood strewn with leather-bound books and smoking materials stretched out between us—great thoughts transpired between the striking of a match and its application to the tobacco. Like all memories of comparable antiquity, it seems fixed in a kind of amber, yet Brian, Professor of English at the Cooper Union, escaped it to publish voluminously in many genres: fiction, poetry, criticism, translations, and children's literature. His newest books of poems are Autumn Road, published last year by Ohio State University Press, and Snow House, which won the 2005-06 Lena-Miles Wever Todd Poetry Prize. "Birds in the Woods" can be found on the MR website (

The prize celebrates the memory of Anne Halley, poet and MR editor. It is awarded annually to the author of the best poem to appear in each volume of this magazine. This year's judges were MR poetry editors Ellen Watson and Deborah Gorlin, and James Haug, author of three volumes of poetry, and winner of the Morse Poetry Prize. David Lenson for the editors

David Lenson
for the editors



Towards a Language of Desire

By Carolyn Megan


The History of Writing

By Katherine Sanchez Espano


On Poetics

By Steve Mueske


Traffic of Our Stage: Boxing as Theater

By Normand Berlin


First Do No Harm; Angels of Mercy

By Bob Hicok



By Erica Funkhouser


Redeem/The unread vision in the higher dream

By Mary Buchinger


She with a Flower in Her Hair

By Jesse Lichtenstein



By Lisa Brennan-Jobs



By Geoffrey Detrani


I Step Outside Myself

By Ingeborg Bachmann


The Shiva

By Stephen Schottenfeld


Welcome to Dementia: Twelve Questions and Two Stipulations (Found Poem)

By Todd Smith


The Cables

By T. Zachary Cotler


Set Piece

By Dennis Porter


In Praise of Complaint

By Rebecca Roberts


Nude Reclining

By Brad Crenshaw


Ganges Ophelia

By Carolyn Creedon


The Arch

By Andy Mozina


The Casualties: Thrombosis

By Martha Rhodes


Walt Whitman's Attic

By Thomas David Lisk


November 11, 1831: Nat Turner

By Jill McDonough


Variation 18: Baker

By Alice B Fogel


I Am Thinking of My First Deer

By Teresa Ballard


The Body of a Cow

By Sara Levine

Table of Contents

Towards a Language of Desire,
Fiction by Carolyn Megan

The History of Writing,
Poetry by Katherine Sanchez Espano

On Poetics, Poetry by Steve Mueske

Traffic of Our Stage: Boxing as Theater,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

First Do No Harm; Angels of Mercy,
Poetry by Bob Hicok,
Winner of the 2007 Anne Halley Poetry Prize

Snapper, Fiction by Erica Funkhouser

Redeem/The unread vision in the higher dream,
Poetry by Mary Buchinger

She with a Flower in Her Hair,
Poetry by Jesse Lichtenstein

Waterloo, Non-Fiction by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Room, Poetry by Geoffrey Detrani

I Step Outside Myself, Poetry by Ingeborg Bachmann,
Translated from the German by Peter Filkins

The Shiva, Fiction by Stephen Schottenfeld

Welcome to Dementia: Twelve Questions and
Two Stipulations (Found Poem), Poetry by Todd Smith

The Cables, Poetry by T. Zachary Cotler

Set Piece, Drama by Dennis Porter

In Praise of Complaint,
Non-Fiction by Rebecca Roberts

Nude Reclining, Poetry by Brad Crenshaw

Ganges Ophelia, Poetry by Carolyn Creedon

The Arch, Fiction by Andy Mozina

The Casualties: Thrombosis,
Poetry by Martha Rhodes

Walt Whitman's Attic,
Non-Fiction by Thomas David Lisk

November 11, 1831: Nat Turner,
Poetry by Jill McDonough

Variation 18: Baker, Poetry by Alice B Fogel

I Am Thinking of My First Deer,
Poetry by Teresa Ballard

The Body of a Cow, Non-Fiction by Sara Levine


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