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Volume 48, Issue 2

AS MR's BIG BIRTHDAY APPROACHES, we are changing. Becoming more comfortable in the digital universe, we are on the verge of three important technological improvements. One or two of these may be in place by the time this issue reaches you.

We are about to unveil a greatly improved website, including complete tables of contents for every issue from #1 to the present (www.mass, a log for our radio program, information about editors, and many other features.You will also find a link to the second innovation: electronic submission of manuscripts. While we understand the drawbacks involved—for example, we will need to accept traditional paper manuscripts for the better part of a year until the new system is established—it has become evident in the last year or so that there is no turning back this tidal change. This quicker avenue for contributors will be available when our reading period resumes on October 1. Both of these new elements have been designed and executed by our Managing Editor Katie Winger, with the assistance of our intern Aaron Hellem.

Thirdly, we will soon begin podcasting selected programs from the MR2 radio archive. We receive many requests for copies of shows, and fulfilling them through podcast will be relatively effortless, even as it increases our audience. Credit for this initiative belongs to Anjali Khosla, audio editor extraordinaire and MR2 intern.

All these innovations have been made as frugally as possible because of the energy and inspiration of our staff. In the long run, these changes will liberate our interns from the task of managing manuscript traffic, so we can draw on their richer abilities. We would love to add a part-time editorial assistant when we can—producing a magazine of this scope without a single full-time employee is an enormous challenge. Extending your subscription or making a donation now will speed these wonders....

David Lenson
for the editors



Out of the Blue

By Elizabeth Denton


Perpetual Youth Lost by Humankind

By Daisy Fried



By Michal Lando


One: Chord Changes

By Carl Vigeland


My Coeval Archtop

By Thomas O'Grady


The Stars Threw Down Their Spears

By Aaron Parrett


The Father of the Bride

By Doris Dorrie


Apologue (1); Apologue (2)

By Maggie Smith


On Looking

By Randon Billings Noble



By Jessie Julian


Space for Name: Printing a 1920s Little Magazine

By Walker Rumble


Flowers for Benny Black

By Ari Liebermann


Violence, the Word

By Alessandra Lynch


The Secret Climate the Year I Stopped Writing

By Phyllis Koestenbaum


The Dead End of Winter

By Elinor Teele


The Twin

By Michael Klein


Loom, as instrument and cascade collaboration with the afternoon sun and Mill 3

By Karen Dolmanisth


Cahoon Hollow

By Robert Dow



By Robert Dow


This Charming Man

By Jacob Wegman

Table of Contents

An Introduction, by David Lenson

Out of the Blue, Fiction by Elizabeth Denton

Perpetual Youth Lost by Humankind,
Poetry by Daisy Fried

Genesis, Poetry by Michal Lando

Chord Changes, Non-Fiction by Carl Vigeland

My Coeval Archtop,
Non-Fiction by Thomas O'Grady

Cahoon Hollow, Wellfleet,
Poetry by Robert Dow

The Stars Threw Down Their Spears,
Fiction by Aaron Parrett

The Father of the Bride,
Fiction by Doris Dörrie,
Translated by Gustav A. Richar

Apologue (1); Apologue (2),
Poetry by Maggie Smith

This Charming Man,
Fiction by Jacob Wegman

On Looking,
Non-Fiction by Randon Billings Noble

Apples, Poetry by Jessie Julian

Space for Name: Printing a 1920s Little Magazine,
Non-Fiction by Walker Rumble

Flowers for Benny Black,
Fiction by Ari Lieberman

Violence, the Word,
Poetry by Alessandra Lynch

The Secret Climate the Year I Stopped Writing,
Non-Fiction by Phyllis Koestenbaum

The Dead of Winter,
Fiction by Elinor Teele

The twin,
Poetry by Michael Klein

Fiction by William Williams


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