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10 Questions for Charles Swift

- By Sarah Lofstrom

Alan pulled up in his new car, watching his father hunched over near the curb, grateful the old man had some pants on. His father was sitting on a stack of boxes put out for the garbage truck, looking at a yel¬lowed copy of the local newspaper, making sure no one could get near the boxes before they got hauled off." -From "Boxes" Summer 2018 (Volume 59 Issue 2) 

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote. 
The White Knight Versus the Black Knight. I was about eight-years-old. Cranked it out on my parents’ ancient Underwood typewriter by typing in each quadrant of a page, four pages thick with three sheets of carbon paper in between (no photocopiers in the mid-sixties), then cutting the pages and stapling them...


10 Questions for Andy Sia

- By Edward Clifford

“Once a security guard caught me practicing my art
in the nearby park. He instructed me to stop my obscene
driveling. I paid him no heed, sent a bubble towards him
like a free-spirited man in a parachute. He was
unmoved. I lose hope, sometimes. I grow weary…”
from “At age 10, I showcase my ability by blowing spit bubbles,” Summer 2018 (Vol. 59, Issue 2)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
I began writing poems in high school, and I still remember the first poem I wrote. It came about after a long drive home alone one night. It was late and I’d not taken this route before, and the quiet road glowed orange and stretched on and on like a dream. When I got home, without...



- By Erri De Luca, translated by Jim Hicks

Editor’s note: The rapid rise of arrogant, authoritarian power across the globe today is evident for all to see. In his recent blog post, Erri De Luca reflects on the criminal behavior of European leaders who promote policies on immigration which condemn thousands of innocents to die each year in the Mediterranean Sea. No one need be reminded how similarly heartless behavior today dominates the headlines in our America.

The Gospel According to Matthew tells of the Massacre of the Innocents. In an attempt to forestall a prophecy foretelling the birth of a king, Herod had all newborn children in the vicinity killed.

His precautionary measure failed, since the family unit he sought had been given political exile in Egypt—a country that didn’t...


10 Questions for Molly Quinn

- By Sarah Lofstrom

" The Double Dealer is back in the hospital. He stands at attention in his three-piece suit, waiting to greet the incoming staff. I’m his favorite nurse because my name starts with D. " —From "Therapeutic Recreation" Summer 2018 (Volume 59, Issue 2)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
The very first story I remember writing was about a princess whose kingdom is terrorized by a dragon. She sets out on a mission to fight him, but when they finally meet she gives him a hug instead.

What writer(s) or works have influenced the way you write now?
I’m sure everything I read influences me, but I’ve never tracked my style. I read as widely as possible and approach...

Our America

Our America: Confessions of a Race Traitor, Part Two

- By Jim Hicks

This is Part Two of a three-part series. Read Part One here.

Part Two: de gustibus non disputandum est

The history of the Massachusetts Review offers, as I’ve just suggested, certain lessons about the contingent and variable nature of taste—and about the difficulties encountered trying to change it. That history can’t, of course, explain why, of all the lessons one might learn from a magazine like ours, this is what matters most to me. Surely, some of what I’ve learned about this subject I was taught in grad school, during those years where your cultural tool kit gets opened up, tossed out on the...

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