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   Front Cover:
   Mira Bartók
   The Hunger Artist, 2013
   Scratchboard, ink, and gouache

   Introduction, by John Emil Vincent
   Two years ago, when we were first planning this issue to celebrate the
   fiftieth anniversary of the UMass MFA program for Poets & Writers, we
   batted around all sorts of ideas about how to canvass alums in an
   effort to represent the program as rigorously as possible.

   If Only, a poem by Marianne Boruch
   How certain mice in winter's tall grass
   wildly off and on
   ultraviolet because the red-shouldered hawk sees
   delicious in that dim, one very hungry
   x-ray machine on the prowl,
   the hawk sort of a genius. Poor mouse never
   to imagine its own deadly brilliance or
   a chance to change places . . .

   Stories to Go, poems by Lesle Lewis
   To learn is to lose what we thought we knew. We doze under just enough
   to wake not knowing where we are which is perfect. . . .

   Cable, a story by Hilary Plum
   I am writing to you regarding Ibrahim, whom I knew. I have
   waited to write, too long. I would call but over the phone
   my accent is strong, I am told . . .

   Marsyas, a poem by Lee Upton
   To have been proud
   to have dared
   that sensitivity and need and now
   to be rigged upside down
   without meaning against meaning . . .