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10 Questions For Lizzie Buehler

- By Abby MacGregor

"The customer comes  in alone. The owner is a bit slow-witted and asks, “How many in your party tonight?” This is a family-style barbecue restaurant, though, so you can’t say she’s that slow-witted. Two servings of pork belly, a bowl of rice, a bottle of soju. Nothing too unusual, but for a woman who came in alone at 7:00 p.m., it is sort of strange. . ." from TABLE FOR ONE, Working Titles 3.1

Tell us about one of the first pieces you translated.
Funnily enough, “Table for One” was actually one of the first pieces I translated. I began working on the story in a creative writing workshop I took as an undergraduate at Princeton. I only ended up translating the first few...

10 Questions

10 Questions for Timothy O'Keefe

- By Abby MacGregor

Imagine that you’re an insatiable reader – poetry, fiction, philosophy, plays, history, noir, CNF, DIY, cookbooks, travelogues, comic books, blogs, clickbait, scrolling ad infinitum. Reading for you is no mere habit and, on some level, not even a proper activity, but a kind of experiential osmosis that positions language as primary and generative in the world to which it refers . . . but another dire consequence that appeared somewhere in the osmotic flux is your desire to focus and channel it all toward some aesthetic end. Therein lies the first gauntlet. —from “You Are the Phenomenology,”...

10 Questions

10 Questions for Joanne Diaz

- By Kira Archibald

Near the end, Ceausescu would only drink juice through a straw.
Twice, he was convinced that his hearing had improved: once
when he heard the sound of a distant train of his youth;
another time when his long-dead mother sang , , ,

Working Titles Excerpts

Table for One (Working Title 3.1)

- By Emily Wojcik

The Massachusetts Review presents the latest Working Titles e-book: TABLE FOR ONE by Yun Ko Eun, translated by Lizzie Buehler—available this week!


THE CUSTOMER COMES in alone. The owner is a bit slow-witted...

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