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Working Titles Excerpts

On the Quay at Smyrna (Working Title 3.2)

- By Margot Demopoulos

The Massachusetts Review presents the latest Working Titles e-book: ON THE QUAY AT SMYRNA by Margot Demopoulos—available this week!


“Look for color in the shadows!” Madame La Fleur fanned herself with a workbook on natural light. “...

Working Titles Excerpts

Table for One (Working Title 3.1)

- By Yun Ko Eun, translated by Lizzie Buehler

The Massachusetts Review presents the latest Working Titles e-book: TABLE FOR ONE by Yun Ko Eun, translated by Lizzie Buehler—available this week!


THE CUSTOMER COMES in alone. The owner is a bit slow-witted...

Working Titles Excerpts

The Keepers of the Ghost Bird (Working Title 2.4)

- By Jenn Dean


The Massachusetts Review presents the latest Working Titles e-book: THE KEEPERS OF THE GHOST BIRD by Jenn Dean—available this week!


From the air, Bermuda resembles a jeweled and pregnant seahorse, hanging by its tail from the Sargasso Sea. Its top and bottom wrap around two ancient volcanic calderas, one at Castle Harbor and one at Dockyards. In between, Bermuda’s twenty-one square miles twine along a fragile, curving spine of limestone. From a taxi van, the coastline uncurls past the windows: the rose sand, the bitter green foliage of tamarisk trees, stunted windblown evergreens, and the blue southern tip of the Sea.

Beneath the water,...

Working Titles Excerpts

The Leader (Working Title 2.3)

- By Nouri Zarrugh


The Massachusetts Review presents the latest Working Titles e-book: “THE LEADER by Nouri Zarrugh-–available this week!


That last February before the war and the hard years that were to follow it, forty-one years after the Leader’s revolution, Laila woke to the sound of explosions in the street. She sat clutching the blanket, eyes darting, half expecting to find herself buried in dust and rubble, her vision slowly adjusting to the familiar sight of the armoire and the floral cushions piled beside it, the matching nightstand and the ceramic lamp and on the other side of them, undisturbed, the sheets tucked and folded, Hajj Yunus’s empty bed, glowing in the faint...

Working Titles Excerpts

The Bombay Liaison (is Grateful) (Working Titles 1.1) Excerpt

- By Dinika Amaral

From “The Bombay Liaison (is Grateful)”:

“They all came to India looking for something. For spirituality. For yoga and fasting. To feed their hunger and thirst with spice and other gastronomic items. Some came for business, cheap shopping, a ten-day wedding. Others came to tick off an item on their bucket list, viz., the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, or the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Still others were attracted by the exotic painted for them, with so many colors, by Bollywood and Hollywood.

Georgina was aware of the spectrum of reasons when she chose India—specifically, the commercial capital, Bombay—as her destination. But, she thought, over one...

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