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10 Questions

10 Questions for Christopher Kondrich

- By

Your back is your voice it speaks volumes.
It is telling me I cannot see what I hear coming from in front of you.
From in front of the circle of backs yours is a part of.
What is happening?
Is there a body?
Is it attached to these sounds of a body in pain?
—from “Ownership of Sight”, Fall 2018 (Vol. 59, Issue 3)


Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
The first poem I...

Our America

The Anthem in My Stomach

- By James Janko

Jasper Johns, Poster, (Flag) Moratorium, 1969
USA lithograph on paper; 52.2 × 72.4 cm (20 9/16 × 28 1/2 in.)
Gift of Various Donors; 1981-29-52
Cooper Hewitt collection

At Soldier Field, Home of the Chicago Bears

If I had really good eyes, I might see the threads that join me to the crowd, or even to one old man, this fellow next to me, for example, his cheeks as flush as a Christmas card Santa, his eyes moist, his hand over his heart as he gazes at the flag and sings. He is, by all accounts, normal. He sings like a patriot, as do 40,000 or more others, all of them as normal as football on a Sunday afternoon....


Trump Papers 3

- By Ward Schumaker

NOT HAPPENING, an image from TRUMP PAPERS, a show of hand-painted broadsides by San Francisco artist Ward Schumaker, 20 October - 6 November 2018 at Jack Fischer Gallery.


Ward Schumaker
fine art portfolio:
tumblr images:
Trump Papers
20 October - 6 November 2018
Jack Fischer Gallery
San Francisco

10 Questions

10 Questions for Emma Bolden

- By Abby MacGregor

He could never trust a thing, he says,
that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t
die. Ha. Just a joke, he says. Lighten up.
Ha. By this red he tries to read me right

between the eyes.
from “Portrait of the Woman as Blood”, Fall 2018 (Vol. 59, Issue 3)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote...

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