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Volume 60, Issue 2

Front Cover by Kate Durbin, Unfriend Me Now!, 2018. STILL FROM 3-CHANNEL VERSION OF UNFRIEND ME NOW! (c) Kate Durbin.
Courtesy of the artist.

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MR's 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Just under the wire, the Massachusetts Review is thrilled
to present our nominees for the next Pushcart Prize. We
continue to be amazed by the quality of work that we receive
and were lucky enough to publish this year.

Issues are available for purchase here.

Her Moods Caused Owls by Sarah Sousa
(Volume 55, Issue 3, Fall 2014)

Gizzard Song by Dean Young
(Volume 55, Issue 3, Fall 2014)

The Once and Future Capital by Emily Barton
(Volume 55, Issue 2, Summer 2014)

Things Unspoken by Sarah Nović
(Volume 55, Issue 2, Summer 2014)

The Secret of Nikola Tesla by Karim Zaimović,
adapted by Aleksandar Brezar, with art by Enis Cisić
(Volume 55, Issue 3, Fall 2014)

Half a Queen by Jim Walke
(Volume 55, Issue 3, Fall 2014)

Congratulations to our writers, and fingers crossed!

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