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Volume 51, Issue 2



Decomposition of the Soul

By Rosa Alice Branco


On Cape Cod

By Michael Thurston


Adrienne Rich, Anne Halley, Marilyn Hacker

By Jules Chametzky

Table of Contents

Introduction, by Jim Hicks

Decomposition of the Soul, No Complaint Book,
and Divine Caress, poems by Rosa Alice Branco,
translated by Alexis Levitin

The Sound of Water, a story by Myriam J.A.Chancy

On the Training of Expert Witnesses,
a poem by G.C. Waldrep

On Cape Cod, an essay by Michael Thurston

Calypso, a poem by Cleopatra Mathis

I Thought It’s Time and Diana,
poems by Jean Valentine

Proof, a poem by Barbara Perez

Helen and Jose Iglesias, portraits by Jules Chametzky

Having It All, an essay by Robert Erwin

“Union of the Beautiful with the Useful”:
Through the Eyes of Orra White Hitchcock,
an essay by Daria D’Arienzo

Orra White Hitchock Folio,
art by Orra White Hitchcock

Mercy Flynt Morris and Nancy Flynt:
A Portrait of Two Massachusetts Sisters
in the Early Republic, an essay by Jessica Lang

As if the sky..., a poem by Gary Young

Ode to the Boulders in the Orchard,
a poem by Teddy Macker

Guests, a story by James Meyer

Against the Dying, a story by Wilson Roberts

Toni Morrison, the Slave Narratives, and Modernism,
an essay by Robin Dizard

Big Sister, a story by Edith Pearlman

Bulls-eye, a poem by Joanne Dominique Dwyer

Adrienne Rich, Anne Halley, Marilyn Hacker,
portraits by Jules Chametzky

Dear Words, a poem by Stephen Lindow


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