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Disability Justice: A Reading

- By


View a recording of our Disability Justice: A Reading event, featuring featuring Zefyr Lisowski, Bhavna Mehta, Claude Olson, and Saleem Hue Penny!

Closed Captioning is available, and an audio transcript can be found here.

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Video Work featured in Vol. 63, Issue 4

- By Panteha Abareshi


Methods of Care for the Precarious Body

PANTEHA ABARESHI is a Canadian-born American multidisciplinary artist and curator. They are based in Los Angeles, California and were raised in Tucson. Abareshi was born with sickle cell zero beta thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder that causes debilitating pain, and bodily deterioration that both increase...

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The Legacy of Jules Chametzky

- By Jim Hicks

In this full-day event, the morning session focused on collective commemoration of the life of Jules Chametzky--the teacher, mentor, scholar, family man, and activist. The proceedings open with a poem written for the occasion, read by its author, Martín Espada. Memories from family members follow, and then those of friends. The morning concludes with a talk on "Black Reparations, Present and Future," by William A. Darity--a subject that Jules spoke about often.


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